8kX upscale horizontal lines / banding

I have this issue in upscale mode in both eyes. It looks similar to this (index) but horizontal, and it looks like each line is 2 or 3 pixels high intead of just one. Also it happens all the time not just when moving.

Happens worse on some colours and is much more obvious on solid blocks of colour. Really makes the image look sh*tty.

I will edit in a thru the lens later unless this is already known. I’ll also open a ticket when I have the photo.

Anyone else?

E :

After googling I ended up here, which has Pimax specific info and more links etc : Pimax needs to implement the equivalent of Valve's vertical column correction into Pitool (But horizontally)

Maybe I was wrong about it being in both eyes I’ll have to check. But the above thread doesn’t sound promising. Maybe I’ll have to RMA?

E2 : Seems to be in both eyes, but worse in one. It is hard to capture with a phone camera but here is my attempt. You’ll need to zoom in enough.

Ticket 12239. @PimaxQuorra @SweViver


What is your input resolution from SteamVR? I suggest you change the values and run the test again to note the effect. Those look like scaler artifacts.

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I’m pretty certain I’ve done that already - I’m the type to try at least 16 res / gfx settings combinations before even starting each game - but I’ll check and post back later.

I have the same problem with horizontal scanlines, when I stay still they can’t be seen, but when I move my head a bit, that kind of frequency of horizontal lines comes out, it’s very subtle, it’s like interference.

It is very annoying for me, I hope we get some solution.

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I tried from Pimax Experience, rather than troubleshoot multiple steamVr resolutions. I tried at render quality 1.0 and also 2.0.

The issue is clearly visible in the test charts in PE. Yellow and Blue are worse. Yellow in particular. It looks horrible, like an SDE that is 4-5 pixels high and wide.

The problem goes away in native res. Unless it’s so fine that I can’t see it …? I mean I can just see horizontal lines in blue, but I thought that was the very last tiny visible amount of SDE. I will check that again later.

Render quality at 1 and 2 probably won’t improve that. The input resolution needs to be specifically toggled to be friendly for the scaler for the least artifacts. This calc is something we hope to build-in to PE at some point.

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What specifically should I test / change?

I just tried all 4 different FOVs from PE with PP off, and also tried with PP on with one, still get the issue. Was there something else to try? I was using PE to bypass any steamVR scaling.

Those settings will not affect how the scaler utilizes the incoming data. You have to change the resolution coming in from Steam itself manually to affect the data the scaler uses to display the final image.

i dont get it. PE doesnt use steamvr. what do you want me to manually change? what settings? from steamvr only? the ss? some config file?

PE uses steamvr. It merely adjusts settings for you, it does not bypass or replace the technical side of it any way. The resolution coming in directly affects how the scaler renders and you directly affect the data flowing to your headset from inside steamvr. Manually change the SS will change the artifacts generated by the scaler.

I’m sorry but I’m 95% sure you’re wrong or we’re misunderstanding each other.

Pimax Experience does change the SteamVR settings, of course. But while you’re in it SteamVR is not running. While you look at the Colour Charts in PE SteamVR is not running. You can check in your task manager. Kill all steam processes and turn on your headfset with PiTools running.

Can someone else chime in and confirm I’m not going crazy? @SweViver ? @arminelec ?

Nonetheless I will confirm again with various SteamVR SS values later.

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So you just refuse to try what I am suggesting… If steamvr is not needed then I suggest you uninstall it and try to run something.

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Nonetheless I will confirm again with various SteamVR SS values later.

I’m not sure what you think I’ve refused ?

As requested. Note this is my 5K+ as I have to pair controllers, swap over lenses etc. every time I switch to my 8KX. It’s a minor chore.

Edit :
@PimaxUSA OK I tried again, using SteamVR. I tried global SS 100% and every 10% from 100% to 200% in application settings, then 50% there too. Then I restarted it all and tried 70% global and 100% to 200% again. Same everywhere. Here is another pic. The yellow cube shows it at its worst and is already zoomed. You can see a regular pattern that is bigger than a single pixel high / wide. It looks more grid like than diagonal IRL. Well, a pattern with grid - like symmetry.

In the green pimax logo, if I don’t move my head I don’t see scanlines, but if I move it vertically I see the scanlines, does it happen to you?

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In my case I think no. I’m not 100% sure but if there are issues with the green logo I am struggling to see them, while the yellow cube example is obvious, even while my head is still.

@PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra

Is there anything else I should try? Did I miss any of your suggestions? The ticket is 5 days old now. No response other than to say it’s been passed to R & D.

Ticket 12239.


I guess I should RMA then? Support have not yet offered any advice. Tomorrow it’ll be a week, so I’ll make that request then, unless you or them can think of anything else that may help resolve it.

On ticket. Me :

Do you have any update? It has been nearly a week. I have attached another image.

Kevin gave me some tips in the thread I linked on the ticket, but he has stopped responding to me now.

If there is no fix I will request an RMA tomorrow.

Pimax :

We have found this problem and are trying our best to solve it. We will launch new software to solve this problem. Please give us a little more time.

I am not using my £1000 headset at the moment because of this. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be prepared to wait but a few days, possibly a week, at least, I guess.


My 8Kx still sits unused.


Me (typo :frowning: ) :

Have you made any progress? Is a sulution close?

Support :

Sorry, our R & D team hasn’t given me a solution yet, but I think it will be soon.

Edit :

Me :

Do all 8KXs have this issue? If I RMA will the replacement also be the same?

Support :

emmm…All of 8KX headset are the same.You could use the native mode first.We will push the new firmware native mode 90HZ.

God damn. I don’t know what to think. I may make a rec room room with that cube above and ask some of you here to test if you see the same.

If we can get a ~ 110Hz normal FOV native res I may be tempted to keep this headset but right now it is not worth the money to me for only 75FPS without artifacts. 90 Hz native large would be very nice, but I really want more frames.

As things stand it looks like I’ll just continue using my 5K+ for all my high Hz needs, meaning the 8KX has pretty much halved in value to me.

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