8KX Weekly Shipment Advisory

Hello Everyone!

We are happy to inform you that we are still maintaining daily 8KX shipments of 80-100 per day! Everything is going great and the turnaround has become smoother and more efficient each day.

We are very excited to think about all the new 8KX users enjoying the VR world with their new 8KX headsets. For those who have already received their new 8KX we are making a plan to invite them to give their valuable reviews on our Forums so we can continue to improve.

Recently we have received many nearly identical requests and tickets requesting delivery time and combined with our regular technical support and other requests we are afraid we are behind on responding to these.

The similar shipping status requests add considerable workload to our customer service teams so in order to streamline and get everyone their requested information we are making the following announcement:

Please note : If your ticket request falls within the scope of this announcement it will be automatically closed. If we determine the ticket is a special request we will keep it open and a team member will contact you. Thank you greatly for you understanding and thank you once again for all your support!