8KX without using reprojection

G’day folks
Since I first got my original backer 5kplus the accepted practice has always been to use reprojection then I bought a new AMD pc recently with an RX6800XT card which performs great in everything except for VR in reprojection mode. recently upgraded to an 8KX and love the improvement. Attached is my current setting which is very acceptable in my MSFS2020 and DCS sims except for some minor peripheral vision stuff. For some reason I cannot get smooth undistorted images in reprojection, its like rapid eye movement left to right, laggy head tracking and unusable… Anyone else experienced this?

I suggest you see if disabling AMD’s version of ResizableBar has an affect.

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Last time I used an AMD GPU (Radeon VII), SteamVR reprojection did not work at all. Everything I have read and heard since suggests this will remain the case for a while yet due to lack of sufficient ‘motion vector’ compute hardware in AMD GPUs. Even though reprojection can supposedly be forcibly be enabled in some narrow cases, wide FOV and high supersampling are not likely to be supported any time soon.

Smart Smoothing is basically an NVIDIA feature as I understand it.

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@PimaxUSA Only very recently came across Resizable Bar as a thing and in testing makes no appreciable difference whether on or off, nothing I can identify at least.

@mirage335 Thats interesting. If I had known these issues when I bought my GPU a few months back, I’d have gone Nvidia. Now $1900 spent so changing is not an option. appreciate your insight Matt.

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as I Understand PiMax’s “render quality”
it seems to be [“Like a monitors max resolution”]
(the max res of headset reported to the host)

So i always set it to 1
then i adjust the render in steam.

When I was wanting to move on from my 1080Ti back in November/December 2020, I tried a 6800, a 6900XT and a 3090.

The 3090 was and is by far the best of the lot for VR. I made a thread on this forum somewhere reporting the pro’s and cons at the time and I recall stating motion reprojection didnt work properly on AMD cards.

The good thing is, with the GPU market being nuts you can sell your cards for at least what you paid for them if you got it at RRP. All I did to get all of the above cards was set a stock alert for each one and when it appeared I bought it at RRP (All cards were OEM reference / FE cards so all reasonably priced without inflation). I then sold the ones I didnt want for a little more than it cost me to cover ebay fees and postage etc. I then mined crypto for a while with my 3090 and in the end it has cost me next to nothing to upgrade from the 1080Ti I had previous.

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