8kx works only 4Weeks Offline?

Pitool doesnt Connect with Headset.
Cable all check but doesent Connect.
But when i Online with Internet connect,
then connect the pitool with 8kx again?
I need a pitool that Offline works.

Can you post system details?

Pitool version you have tried.
8kX firmware version etc…


The Pitool required an internet connection to connect for the first time.

After that, you may use Pitool in offline mode to launch the headset.


3-4new start and this cant connect with 8kx.
The the Pitool 270 musst new start with Internet connecting.
All Pitool setups are clear.
RTX 3090
Amd Ryzen 5900

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Try downgrading Firmware to 296


I would suggest you to file a ticket with our tech specialists, they are here ready to provide any assistance.

Besides that, you can try to downgrade to lower firmware to address this issue.