90hz option not showing in Pitool


Keen to try out the 90hz option, but I can’t seem to get it to show. Only the 60 and 75hz is displayed.

I’m using:

Pitool v1.0.1.271
Headset Firmware v2.1.255.296

This is reported in Pitool, so I am confident the flash worked fine.

I have an intel set up with an RTX3090 card on win10.
Tried various Nvidia drivers listed on the list of known working versions. As well as the latest driver 471.96

Also tried with both the original cable and the optical cable also. Just in case it mattered.

Anyone have an idea of what might be wrong ?



Try completely deleting your Pimax files and then doing a fresh install.
That’s all I can think of- that maybe some file is corrupted somewhere.

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The refresh rates seem to be controlled by the firmware. I think you need to be using v2.1.255.298. At least that’s what I’m using. I had trouble with PiTool v1.0.1.271 (which flashes that version of the firmware, but it frequently could not find the headset), so I am now using PiTool v1.0.1.270. I still get 90Hz and the headset is consistently found (and is working great).

Note that installing an older PiTool will not automatically overwrite newer firmware with an older version. If you ever need to do that, you’ll need to flash the firmware manually (using DFU.exe).


Some people forget to use DDU (display driver uninstaller) when they buy a new gpu - I was one of them :slight_smile:
Without ddu card was working, but not fully, and I got some similar problems.


Ha, thank you! I updated to .298 firmware and it now shows.
Actually I noticed quite a delay upon start up. The headset seems to take 10 seconds or so before it shows video. but WOW, when it does!! Oh I can’t go back to 75hz now, 90hz is amazing. At least in FS2020. The realism just went up a couple notches.

Unrelated. I don’t seem to notice much difference going from wide to normal or even small FOV. For me, with glasses, it’s pretty subtle which is good. Small is still huge IMO and much less of a hit on the graphics.

Well thanks again, this solved my issue.


I’m glad I could help. 90Hz is clearly an improvement. I use Small FOV for most games, since I only have an RTX 2080, which is clearly underpowered for a 8KX. I can play Half-Life: Alyx in Medium FOV with a good framerate, but FS2020 and Elite Dangerous play much better in Small. I’m quite pleased that my MSI 2080 can run at 90Hz; most 2080s cannot.