A question regarding the hardware of the 8KX

Hello guys,

I want to re-enter the Pimax sphere, after having been absent since my first (broken) 8KX delivery.

Please, if you could let me know how I can identify whether a Pimax headset I receive is a new version that can also run 90Hz and has no faults with the speakers? I read something of a 2001-version, and used the forums search - unfortunately to no avail.

Somehow nice to be back now!

Best regards


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As I read here on forum, the new(est) version of 8kx has 90Hz only (no 75Hz/60Hz option). And should be no buzzing on DMAS.


Awesome. Do I need to buy an additional 6m fiber optics cable?

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you don’t need to, but the fiber optic is less bulky, is longer, requires fewer usb ports, and is thought to be more reliable than the standard cable (i had 2 fail on me within a few months).


Yep fiber better be standard with the 12kx

I will buy from Amazon Germany so I enjoy our two years warranty (Gewährleistung, a certain type of warranty) by our law. Then I can use the old cable, if it breaks after 13 months, I’ll have it replaced. Thanks guys.

P.s. stuff is supposed to last a minimum of 2 years (unless mistreated after the first), a pretty good route to ensure only quality products survive on this market. I plan to look at the 12K QLED through Q4 2022 anyway.


Very wise imo. 20 chars

I ordered my second 8KX (the first one was from release), and I’m really looking forward to the experience now.

I had heard it’s totally different, no more googly-eye-strain, no pitching nor buzzing, 90Hz… feels a bit like Christmas is coming :joy:


All correct but i do have a weird buzzing. It’s like when you have sound going on and some game dialog comes through, the buzz happens. When there’s no dialog and only background sound from the game it’s gone.
Weird but not game breaking for me.


As we ran test over and over again, and confirmed that the 8KX is running a stable 90Hz and zero issue with the speakers.


sound mixing can be difficult in winDows .
sorry if the sounds wrong, but look at sound mix and levels.
push in any sound cables .

Your sound problem could.be the hmd, but it could be sound on your pc.

Yeah i need to recheck everything although the 8KX is the only device which has this issue. Quest 2/Reverb G2 are fine.

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Please let me know how it compares


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