A wild Pimax appeared! (nifty Pimax compatible VR game)

Try it while you can - hopefully this (and the developer) will stay around for a while.

Just join the Discord channel, download the ‘exe’ version, extract the archive, import the exe into PiTool, and start from PiTool. When prompted, enter a username and password (this will be permanent so don’t go with a typo if you want to keep the account). Microphone just works too. Simple.

All in all, rather impressive. All the basic mechanics are there, from walking through towns, forest, tall grass, etc, to encountering NPCs, battling, catching, and healing the team, and buying things at the mart. Even tossing a ball to set loose a ‘pet’ that follows you around works.

Also, everyone seems to be on the same server, so it’s pretty normal to see actual people leaning around a town. Interaction with other players seems totally optional too (which is a good thing).

Only real downsides are that other players appear to glitch/lean as they move, the thumbstick locomotion controls are too nonlinear (causing some nausea after a while though this might be due to my 60Hz framerate setting), and chaperone bounds don’t show up (due to apparently using Oculus SDK).

Found this when stepping out of programming code adventures, looking for something that wouldn’t be frustrating to get working and try in VR. Happy to say, it just worked. Took only a few minutes to install, and I was back out of VR in about an hour. Very nice for a brief casual VR experience.

Obviously, a Pimax Vision 8kX is ridiculously excessive for something that could obviously run on an Oculus Quest, but the sharp graphics are really nice.

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Tbh I’m not interested in crappy. VR games. Ironically I’m going to be playing Titanfall on Steam in Virtual Desktop and the new Renegade FPS/RTS Sucessor.

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RenegadeX does indeed look amazing in VorpX with the 8kX if that is what you are referring to.

The Pokemon VR thing is actually much better than the YouTube video gives it credit for. Sure, it’s not AAA or anything, but it doesn’t take long to get working either.

Nope the studio that made the CNC Remaster is making another FPS/RTS Hybrid game. I hope it does well. It’s the one genre I absolutely love.

I struggle to connect the title of the post with the actual Pokemon thing. Bait and switch much?

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He’s trying to say when you get your 8KX next year you should join them to play this pokemon game.

If you don’t know (like seriously, how could you not), in the original games, whenever a monster was encountered in tall grass and such, the game would type out… A wild <Rat, Pigeon, Bat, etc> appeared!

This is widely parodied, to the point that Discord and IRC bots are still known to randomly add join messages like … A wild mirage335 appeared!

So, jumping into this VR game, with this headset, it seemed obviously appropriate to refer to a ‘Pimax’ as one of the species… A wild Pimax appeared!

I don’t know if I will be playing this game for the lengths that I spend on something like DCS World. So I am not really inviting people here. Just informing those who may be interested, that there is actually a reasonably convincing Pokemon VR experience out there now, and it is impressive to be worth trying out.

Honestly all I want from VR is a good open world RPG with mod support.


Noted. Similar thoughts here. :wink:

I think the issue with the post title is that Pimax is on the precipice of shipping 8kx’s and everyone here is on edge. Your title makes it seem like an 8kx was spotted somewhere in the wild thus alluding to them being shipped not as just a reference to some pokemon game.


Wouldn’t surprise me if this was Pimax’s 3rd piece of bonus software. :grinning:

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Thanks for the explanation, that helps. I agree with zuiquan1 though - very misleading at times like these.

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Alas, probably true. So much for trying to be clever.