About Replacement Cable for Snowing pixel issue

Dear backers,

When you find the snowing pixel issue, and sorry for your convenience, we will send out the replacement cable for you within one week after you confirmed the receiving address.


  1. please kindly help create a SUPEN ticket on our support site: http://feedback.pimaxvr.com/
  2. please kindly help add the below information to SUPEN:
    • backer number
    • headset SN number
    • attach a video which you have found on the display for snowing pixel issue
    • double confirm the receiving address for us:
      Full Name:
      Mobile Phone :

SUP: @Alan.sun
service and delivery: @Sean.Huang

tks for supporting to pimax!

Latest batch of cables sending have been done by yesterday, the tracking number have been sent out by SUP, please check your SUP or email:

Next batch of cables sending will be done by next week, please be patient.


Hi Sean -

Thanks for the update.

Please check SUPEN 2045 and my emails to Alan. I reported the issue on the 16th.

Do you need any more info from me? Has a cable been sent?


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For me it still is not possible to sign up for a service-account. Everytime i tried it i get the message „Signup is not currently available.
Because of that i directly send an email to @Alan.sun without any reaction until today…
So please check that i am on your list for the delivery of the next replacement-cables @doman.chen @Sean.Huang

Also please check, why it is not possible to sign for a support-account currently…

I cannot sign up a new account. So it is impossible for me to create a ticket on your support site.
baker no. 5621

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Hi.I am trying to sign up for a ticket but it keeps saying my email is already in use so I can’t sign in. How do I get a replacement cable if I cannot create a ticket. This is becoming extremely frustrating

Could you please provide me with an email address that I can send all the relevant information to. My headset is unplayable the way it is. Cheers

your password is to short…, you need 9 Digits


sorry for late reply, i have replied to SUP2045, please help check it.
Tks for supporting to pimax!

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Go could you possibly help. I have flashing pixels and need a replacnet cable but I am unable to start a ticket. I have tried opening an account but cannot. I really need a replacement cable as it is unplayable the way it is now. Regards jason

@Alan.sun @Sean.Huang
Now it worked to sign for a service-account after 5 days and 30 trys or so…
Please check SUPEN-2280


I also require a replacement cable but can’t sign up to the support page (tried IE/Chrome, 12 character password for a variety of character types), just says its not available at the moment. I can’t therefore create a SUPEN…

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Does anyone know how to remove the plastic face mask to allow access to remove the cable. I’ve seen Swevivers video and its not entirely clear (very quick and makes it look pretty easy). I’ve tried applying some force and it doesn’t budge. I don’t want to break anything…

Hello @Sean.Huang

I got your replacement cable but the it has the same issue like the original one!
Have you tested the cables which are being sent out?
Or do i get a 3rd, working, one ?

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SUP: @Alan.sun
Please send me an email to reset my service-desk-account password…
Actual SUPEN-2280
I must saved a wrong password an now I can not login to my service-desk Account which i opened today…

Hi Sean.Huang,
impossible to connect to the official adresse you gave us .
is there an other adress we can give you these informations ?
HELP :confounded:

Hey @Sean.Huang, @Alan.sun
When I try to register for support site, it keeps returning error “Signup is not currently available”. What can be done about it?

Received mine within a week, thanks a lot for that :wink:



issue fixed or not?

i just try to create a new id, it is done.
But it is not available for resetting password, you could try to create a new one instead of resetting password. We will fix it later.

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