About the Pimax 5K+ Black dots

We have received a lot of feedback about the 5K+ product’s black dots on SUP, but what we mean “black dots” is not like below pics have shown:
Even Sweviver have put forward this phenomenon during 2018/9 Berlin Meetup.
We have explained to him this is not a screen quality issue. This is done to enhance the sharpness and contrast of the screen.

What we mean for black dots are one or several black dead pixels on the screen like below:
If the backer find any black dots(black dead pixels), please contact us by SUP, tks for your support.

Sorry for misunderstanding.


But this clearly does not make the product better, and we have evidence that some headsets have been put out without the dots pattern, and the users have loved them more than those with the dots pattern, simply because you aren’t forced to see the SDE with the thousand small dots stuck to your screen which easily break immersion.


Thats a bummer. If you check my photo, you will realize that those dots are immediatley visible on unicolor areas. How does this helps to increase the sharpness?


Well that is some serious back-peddling here. You’ve already told us about dead pixels back in mid December.

We have been asking about the black dot pattern for a few days since some of us including me are now receiving pimax 5k+'s without black dots.

The questions have been via support tickets and here and here and here.

We have been using the term ‘black dots’ (not dead pixels) very clearly and there is no ambiguity on what we mean since there is plenty of vids, pics and discussion ALL talking about the black dot pattern and ZERO talk about dead pixels.

We’ve been asking you for clarity on what has changed with these HMD’s and about the situation and THIS is the post you have provided us to answer about black dots.

So we are now back to square one with NO ANSWER from Pimax on the black dots and a big pile of confusion caused over the past week.

I find it totally unfair that there has been a significant change in the display where you have practically eliminated the black dots, yet you’re telling us they are needed for contrast and sharpness, which I don’t believe for one second.

I believe a proper explanation to backers is requred rather than this mess.


As @spamenigma mentioned, your statement does not make any sense if there are 5k+ out there without the ‘black dot’ issue. So are they less sharp and have less contrast then?

Do you really think with this message anyone is willing to switch from 8k to the 5k+ anymore?
Do you really think this will help sell the 5k+ if people have to bet on luck that theirs will be without the black dot issue?

This leads only to confusion and as far as it concerns me: while this isn’t solved, how should i honestly recommend the Headset to others?


I am also disappointed to hear that you will not allow those with this issue to receive the better quality screen without the dots…
I can’t imagine any scenario where the dots would help viewing in any way…

@Sean.Huang, I believe this is a flat out lie.
This is an excuse to keep from replacing those affected by the problem …

The question is simple…
Would you prefer this:


Or this:


Unfortunately, the panel without the fake contrast and sharpness “feature”, is the vive pro…


I am one of the guys with both headsets - one with dots, the other without dots.

At the beginning I was really happy with that dotless display but since that dotless 5k+ had a broken headphone jack I used the first 5K+ with dots again.

guess what - I prefer the display with dots :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: sounds crazy but the display without dots has an artefact that does annoy me even more than the dots.

this one: Vertical stripes on some parts of the display (5k+)

the same vertical banding is visible on the displays with the dots too but nowhere near as pronounced.

I really do prefer the dots. they are way less distracting. Now I hope I get a dot-display in my third 5K+ :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh boy… there are no easy answers in life, are they? Do you have any clear pictures of the artefacts?

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no its really hard to get on picture. the screen is from woods video and shows it the best I saw yet.

its sooo distracting in simracing, all the tarmac is full of vertical banding and for some reason I see it more on the right display which is even more annoying when the left and right image blend together.


the “banding” you speak of is simply the space between the pixels, is it not? I’m not sure I understand what the picture is attempting to show.

look closer and compare the other two screens of the odyssey and vive pro.

the banding is like column of light pixels, two columns normal pixels, another column of light pixels. I hate it! so much more visible than any dots and it does give the impression of a really bad sde.

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Oh you’re right, that is strange. I would however look to get confirmation from other backers on this, but for now please understand that the dots bring out the normally unoticable SDE for many people.

I can just try to share my impression. There are only a handfull of us with both versions of the displays and I still have the first one only cause I was on a vacation…

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Your’s undot 5k+ is pentile lcd panel??

No both are RGB stripe.

Just to add, I don’t see this issue with the vertical banding as described, but maybe I need to test with different colour backgrounds to properly confirm. on white its extremely good, just seeing the standard mild SDE and NO DOTS :slight_smile:


And spam knows what dots look like, as he previously had a headset with dots, which then had problems and the replacement unit works perfectly.

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Then you don’t have this problem like the photograph of the comparative?

in line with your statement i have read people switched back to the 5k+ because the black dot issue was so-called fixed


Well I have it, tyriel wood has it and the threadstarter on my linked thread above has it. Strange that my right display shows a lot more of it.

I can’t take pictures of it but look for some kind of so called Moire effect.

My 5k+ with dots:

My 5k+ without dots: