Add support for custom install locations

According to my testing with inno setup packer which I believe is used to create the Pitool install files,
It seems possible/easy to add support for custom install locations during installation.

When creating a new script for generating the install files, you can toggle whether you allow user to select a location.


Also to note, the install by default finds and uses a previous installation to detirmine the path, so if you do some reg changes to make it think it’s installed somewhere else it basically achieves the same thing, just in a hacky way.


I’ve almost done it on my own.

Despite my lack of experience with pascal.
Phase 1 is complete.
Need to repackage the other installers as well that are combined in the one package.


If I could get the [code] section of the .iis install script for the other runtimes on github like we have for the Pitool installer, I should be able to finish this off.
Not all of it was released on github :confused:

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