Added ability to move/drag/adjust position of UI in XYZ axis - Beta 0.31

Hey all! I took the weekend off, and today been mainly working with a built-in File Explorer-feature that is still is in progress, that will be used to manually import custom games directly in VR, change (browse) thumbnails for games and more fun stuff. Progress is moving forward, but theres still some stuff to be done…-. Meanwhile, I just released a new version 0.31 with a new feature and a few fixes:

As requested, I have now added a feature to freely move the UI in xyz axis. Just click on the arrow-icon (right next to the VRExp banner in the top) with your laser, and you can freely move around the UI to custom position.

This feature required the entire UI canvas to be slightly re-made and it wasnt optimal, but so far I have not seen any issues with the new canvas-layers. Everything looks identical as before and all should work fine.

The Z- axis (forward/back) adjustment is quite restricted and slower than X/Y. Thats intentional to make it easier to adjust.

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

Also fixed a few minor bugs:

  • Disabled haptic feedback (vibration) from controllers when hand tracking is used
  • adjusted sensitivity on hand tracking when (algoritm that checks if dragging or click is supposed to happen) which should make it easier to click.
  • Solved a bug where hand-tracking pointers were rendered behind drop-down menus. Now they are properly rendered on top of drop-down menus.
  • And removed the non-working left hand popup which was accidentially visible in version Beta 0.30