After all the complaining, should I even open them?

Talking about the free software provided to kickstarter backers - I never took this seriously, and I will never open the games that Pimax has provided.

It was really amusing for me to see people crying blood over these as if they were expecting som e crazy AAA title.

If anyone has tried the free games, were theyt fun and did they meet your expectations?

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It has nothing to do with the games and everything to do with delivering on your promises.


it was obvious to everyone that the promises were complete garbage.

it was a kickstarter ffs.

Can you fund my project to move the moon? I can do it for only $500k

Good question though… I’d like to know too, are the free items worth downloading?

How did you get this amazing AAA content? I’m a backer and have yet to receive any stretch goals.

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I haven’t downloaded either. I don’t have VR controllers and “The First Class VR” requires them. “The Dream Collector” is like a short movie than a game. Both are fairly short, but they seem to have mostly positive reviews and are more like “experiences”, than full-fledged games.

I’ll likely try them at some point, after I’ve gotten some Index knuckle controllers. I plan to do that, later this year, so that I can play Half-Life: Alyx. Why wait? I have blown my recreation budget to upgrade my 8K to an 8KX.

They aren’t AAA content; I think that was sarcasm. Pimax didn’t have to pay shipping, which is probably why the games were sent to us. Check your email, especially your spam folder. I received my codes in an email from “Pimax 8K VR via Kickstarter < >” on April 15th, 2020.


Although I have been quite vocal about Pimax’ piss-poor performance on delivering certain owed commodities, I would want to qualify the items depending on where one could, and should expect a performance at an appropriate level and where it perhaps was rather a question of delivery “as is” - i.e. accept what-ever they give you.

For some of the stretch-goals, I can see your point, but I don’t share the view that one in general cannot rely on anything being said just because it is a Kickstarter. Being a Kickstarter campaign does not allow nor justify to over-promise wildly without any consequences.

On the software content stretch goal - I agree that this is probably the one stretch goal which I took with the greatest reservation about what it would turn out to be. It was not specified further at all, and it was clear to me that it would just be some kind of VR content, nothing specific or of a certain quality. To be honest, the stuff we received is pretty much what I would have guessed we would be getting.

So yes, I will not complain about the quality because it would have been naive to expect any triple or double A productions. The complaint, if any, would be about the huge delay.

However, for the deliverables, which were expressly paid for, so headsets, but also the accessoires like controllers, base stations, 10m cable, hand-tracking module, we absolutely can expect a proper performance with ETA’s being adhered to unless truly valid reasons demand a postponement, and I would never accept to make them a kind of a best efforts thing just because it is a Kickstarter.

The true risk of a Kickstarter is that the company may fail & fold and you’d end up with empty hands. But it is not a concept of let the company look & try, but if they feel it is too difficult after all, they get to keep the money nevertheless and just notify you that you are stuffed, bad luck while continuing to operate as a company.


That sums up my expectations too. Given what I was expecting, these 2 titles exceed my admittedly low expectations. Both seem to be rated mostly positive on Steam and might be fun, albeit short, experiences.


They were of some fun for a short while, it’s okay imho. Good to present what VR can do as well. Why complain?


Doesn’t seem like many have received codes considering they allegedly started sending codes last Sept, or was that updated??

So you mean that they were just scamming us and that that’s ok? If it’s an obvious scam it doesn’t matter?

The codes were sent, but as stated. The quality of the content is more a demo and not a 30h+ Game.
There was a solved question to PiMax about the delivery in this forum:

I haven’t downloaded them either, and am not particularly inclind to, but… although I did get the letter about their delivery; Didn’t I make myself non eligible, when I gave up all outstanding Kickstarter perks through my taking one of the 8kX upgrade plans…(?) :7

i forgot i got those,

seems like viveport shovelware

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I started first class but it was immediately clear that it required parallel projection mode and i quit and havent gone back. why would they pick software that doesnt have native support for pimax canted screens!?


As much as I dislike many of Pimax’s practices and resolutions (or non resolutions) to the kickstarter, the two pieces of content are fine for what they are… free stretch goal extras. After all, in the original stretch goal description and update 11, it just said “three pieces of selected content” these two games are fine, if brief, and if they actually manage a third that showcases the sword-sense controllers as they once intimated it would, then it will have been a sucessful strech goal completed.

Stretch goals by definition are things that companies can offer that won’t cost them much extra money, because they don’t charge more for them, they’re just extras coming from their now expected larger profits due to higher volume. As such their either things produced in house or things with low bulk order pricing.


Because they did not pick it for its best fit for Pimax headsets, but its balance of low cost and reasonable quality of game experience ? The PP issue only comes into play if the software is demanding, meaning you have to significantly reduce graphics settings to play it stutter-free - is it that bad ? If not, I would not think that this is a greater concern - surely nobody believed they would actually have 3 pieces of content made just for Pimax (and if that had been the case, I bet it would hardly be worth installing them… no offence to Pimax meant but what would you expect from a one-in-many free stretchgoal ?)

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I am quite aware of the 'shovelware" nature of these freebies but would look at them just from curiosity, had they actual sent them to me. Despite your contention they have not sent everyone codes which doesn’t surprise me,
Not complaining though, given the content.
Not going to pursue them as the value of these first 2 items aren’t worth the bother.

For whatever reason I can’t create new topic so I hijack this one…

I just received the 2 stretch-goal game codes from Pimax (The First Class VR, The Dream Collector). However I opted for Plan A (I think) for 8kX - that one that gives up all stretch goals for 8kX discount. So I’m not sure I am entitled to these codes (I did not use them yet).

So what is the Pimax policy about these stretch goals game keys with regard to upgrade plans which given up the stretch goals?