After MRTV @CES 8KX / Large / Assetto Corsa, maxed out 5k+ / Large / Elite

@neal_white_iii might enjoy geeking out about this :nerd_face:

Was already running PiTool 2 with Steam manual override of 4266 and scaling 0.25 on Normal FOV as on Gared’s post from October - Best quality settings for STEAMVR ive found

I like the balance of visuals and performance so I kept the settings.

So I thought, let’s try Large plus a higher recommended render res. 8532? No, not enough. Let’s try 17064…!

And wow. Just wow. I’ve never seen Elite’s text clarity look so good. Still some aliasing further away of course, but up close, everything is astonishing. I can only imagine the 8KX is this but without the SS overhead.

Unfortunately the downside is the 2080 Ti can only deliver 30fps in stations at this quality, and GPU frametimes around 30-35ms :slight_smile: Might have to see if I can live with 8532 or 12798 for a bit hehe!


As expected, Normal on 8532 is the best balance on current hardware. I’m OK with 45FPS Motion Smoothing and FFR Conservative


Wow! I’ve run limited tests at high resolutions, but on my 8K, the color fringing (due to “rainbow” sub-pixel pattern) interferes. I’ve found that PiTool 0.75 and SteamVR SS 100% yields the best visuals and is actually playable on my 2080.

If you want to see Elite D in all it’s glory, try it on a 4K monitor with nVidia Dynamic Super Resolution at 4x and ED in-game SS at 2x, for an effective render at 16K. Yes, you get < 1 FPS, but the aliased jaggies are finally gone! You need to use EDProfiler to turn in-game SS on/off, unless you want to wait forever for the game menus to render.


Ah right yes, hadn’t even thought about that on the 8k. We really are hitting the limitations of the hardware at this point

you get < 1 FPS, but the aliased jaggies are finally gone

Just to have no aliasing it might be worth it :joy:

You need to use EDProfiler to turn in-game SS on/off

This reminds me, while checking out the above, via EDProfiler I had in-game SS at 1 but HMD at 1.25, which is what I always run (to my eyes, it reduces artefacts with FFR Conservative by a good margin). I suppose I could drop that back to 1 and see what FPS I get with Large or 12798, but it probably wouldn’t provide enough of a boost to make it viable

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Another thing I forgot that I did, but of course I should have done this a long time ago. I took Sweviver’s suggestion to the 8K+ owners to set contrast at +2 and brightness at -2.

This looks much better in Elite, especially in some of the cockpits like the FAS with the low level red lighting. Looks much moodier!

I must admit I haven’t really tinkered with any Nvidia settings to date either, I’ve been lazy. Will have a look at optimising that side of things as well


my 5k+(serial 204) firmware 244 pitool 197
run at 120htz large fov and pitool 1 steamvr 130
but 100 its a little better 3092x2620

no problem +++

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Hi OK thanks and what FPS do you get in Elite in stations / surfaces?

just on sim racing games no plane s games for me
and i run at oround 100 /120 fps with many cars
my config /
i7 6850k
32go 3200
super smooth

Ah OK…but the question is with Large / high value for Steam recommended res / Parallel Projections on, what FPS is received.

And then the engine for your race sim might give very different results to Elite’s Cobra engine :slight_smile:

Because it’s a struggle to maintain 45FPS with Elite and PP on in demanding places like space stations and planet surfaces

large fov 120ht 1.0 in pitool
130% in steam vr
no PP
and i run at 120 fps on iracing dirt rally 2 ac aac (it’s a little less good )

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OK thanks for the info!

It’s working well,
but I don’t know why I have the wide fov in 120htz
because it doesn’t seem to work for everyone


I’m currently running PiTool 0.75 and SteamVR SS 100%.

I mostly play ED and with those settings, the small text is fairly readable; it’s definitely clearer than 1.00 & 50%. Of course PP is ON. I’ve currently enabled FFR in Conservative mode. I’m getting 80 fps (on my 8K) in space and ~60 fps in stations. If I disable FFR, I’m getting ~60-70 fps in space and ~40-50 fps in stations.

I think that leaving SteamVR at 100% and doing all scaling in PiTool provides a crisper result than when SteamVR is at a different value (and I did try 2.0 & 25%). I’ve done moderate testing of various setting (but not exhaustive testing). Note that I have an 8K, so if I set the SS res too high, I see color fringing (due to “rainbow” sub-pixel arrangement).

I’ve got an i7-8700K, 32 GB ram, and a 2080.

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Just as a side note - I switched on ACC and first time got 90 FPS, looked bad since steam had dropped its setting to 50, turned that to 75 and PiTool also, sometimes game tweaks and 90FPS. At the end I got more quality and Smart smoothie for 45 FPS to have a bit more quality- but now it was more playable then ever, still a bit of a hard ride but finally enjoyed a couple rounds of practice. Hope they get it optimized for VR some More and I Wonder what the 8K‘s can do for that distance sharpening.


I stopped playing AC in VR because of the lack of details in the far distance. The feeling of “presence” in VR was great, but I’d previously played AC on my 4K monitor and (overall) found the VR experience to be lacking. I’m looking forward to playing AC again with my 8KX; it should be greatly improved.


Yeah the distance detail of the road sucks in most of the ones I know ACC, PC2, Dirt2 … hope that gets better but most likely also means 3080TI at least :sob:


Sure, one thing I have to say is that I’ve never had too much of an issue with ED legibility since getting the 5k+ - not like the WMR days where 6 or 8 etc could be hard to distinguish. But I still want to see how much extra clarity I can get - reduction in shimmering / noise / aliasing / SDE etc on text and the rest

Ultimately aliasing at a distance is one of the main visual distractions for me in ED VR - largely eliminated in pancake gaming these days but back with a vengeance in VR :slight_smile:

But as we’ve talked about before, ED has some weird aliasing implementation, and for some reason I can’t turn on any form of AA via EDProfiler for VR. It has the opposite intended effect and turns everything into a low res, hugely aliased mess and is unplayable. But I know some people do run AA settings (MSAA? FSAA?), so I’m confused by that. Old PC with 980Ti and new one with 2080Ti show the same behaviour, so it’s not the machines. Maybe I need to fiddle with Nvidia aliasing settings too, have you ever changed anything there for ED? Purely a VR issue

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My racing sim days are largely behind me but I picked up AC when I saw it for £5. Haven’t played around much with it but I know I need to tweak some more.

Also I imagine that some day there will be a racing sim built for VR (unless one already exists). It matters. Same deal as VTOL VR over DCS, design emphasis is of course different and it really makes a difference. DCS is for sure the more heavyweight sim, but purely as a comparative VR experience, VTOL wins :+1: I don’t need two hours of tutorials and 12 buttons to take off either, which is a bonus!

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ED uses deferred rendering, which is incompatible with true AA, but is efficient for rendering lots of lights, which is (I assume) one of the reasons Frontier chose that rendering technique. None of the “fake” post-processing smoothing techniques look all that good, so on a flat screen, I turn AA off and use SS instead.