Agile VR exoskeleton locomotion Kickstarter started


It became wireless huh.

What I concerned is that it would slide down while standing still and got broken when bending the knees.


@MarcoBalletta and @vrgamerdude bought this pre Kickstarter and from what I recalled it was an epic fail.


Yeah. Maybe and hopefully they get fundings to make it better?


Just for transparency here I have to say I did not buy the AgilevR it was given to me by Mechatech for the purposes of doing my video review. Now with that said I wouldn’t call it an epic fail but it was still not ready for retail IMHO… My experience was that it was very difficult to get the settings dialed in correctly as it took me almost an entire week to get it to feel somewhat like I was naturally walking and that it was cumbersome to put on and take off… The other issue was that it is wired to the PC and was easily a trip hazard while playing. Now if Mechatech refines their software and achieves the wireless upgrade then I can give them a pass on the fact that it takes a bit of getting used to in putting it on and taking it off. I am hoping to loop back with them and do another review of the new unit once they have a kit that is ready but that isn’t confirmed.


Didn’t the hinge break on you also ?

I have added wireless to the device by using a mini router and the easy instructions shared and used for the hardlight vest, before. So wireless can be achieved right now already, without waiting their hardware development. I have shared that finding with them.


They have tried to help me for almost 1 month with valve index support , with no help. No valve index support despite it was advertised. Same for pimax.


As for distinguish lateral movements and backwards movements, without being mixed up with forward, backward and lateral movements, was that achieved by you ?

Unfortunately it is an epic fail for me when I paid 400 dollars (when u did not pay that amount then it is not for you) to have something that does not work as advertised and I paid for.

Said that, I hope they can succeed with the kickstarter and make a better product, while I will continue to develop my own diy locomotion system , since so far, none of the commercial solution fully satisfy me.

This is just to be fair on my end.


they offered a refund, but then it would be even worse than an epic fail, since it would mean I gave up on them


Yeah fair point… For me there was no investment other than time so I would say if I had paid for it I would for sure be way more upset… I don’t have an Index so I never had any issues with that aspect and same… I never could get it working with my Pimax headsets at all so in retrospect If I was a paying customer and had had all the problems we both experienced I might see it as an Epic fail. []-(

Oh and yes… the first one the sent had a manufacturing defect and it broke but the new one I got has been rock solid… I gave them a pass on that since the immediately replaced it. as for the movements… I was actually the reason they added the “Forward only” mode since I really saw no use for any other movements other than just forward walking for just playing games which is all I wanted it for… I can freely turn and strafe when I am using my wireless headsets or when using my overhead pulley system so TBH I never really spent much additional time trying to get those features to work.


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