Aliasing problem with the game Pinball FX 2

Hi, @anon74848233,

Yesterday I tried two pimax 8K and one Pimax 5K+ (all vith .109 Pitool versions), and while in this last one the tables of the game Pimball FX 2 looked good, they were seen with a lot of aliasing in the 8Ks.
For example, among the first tables that come with the game, there is a “Secrets of the Deep” that shows a submarine around the table.

In the Pimax 5K+ and Oculus Go the submarine looks great, rich in details, while in the 8K it looks very bad regardless of the biggest supersampling.


Haven’t tried this one out. Have you reveived headset(s) & which one?

No, they’re from another people.

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Added a vídeo in the first entry.

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I guess the PC version is very poorly optimized.
Despite the difference in refresh rate (60 to 80Hz) and, above all, in resolution, with an Oculus Go works very well in an old Snapdragon 820, but needs one of the most powerful nVidia cards with a PC.

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Unfortunately I noticed in all games that there is no antialiasing in my 8k at all. For comparison I have a Lenovo Explorer, where steamSS has a clear effect.

You can see it very nicely in the steam ROV test, where with high steamSS everything only flickers more strongly and the aliasing is only worked out sharper.

Is it the upsampling algorithm that doesn’t “let through” any antialiasing?

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