All games missing from PiTool

Date: 17/08/21
Issue Title: All games missing from PiTool
Description: After moving all of my Steam-based games to a faster drive with a different drive letter, PiTool has lost every game (which I expected), but there seems to be no way to have PiTool re-scan for the new game locations. I have tried completely removing PiTool including deleting all of the settings manually, and then re-installing it, but still no games are listed. Even SteamVR will not launch from PiTool. Individual games can be added manually but they then lack the correct icons.

All of my games are still visible using SteamVR Home and can be launched normally, but none show up in PiTool. Is there a way to force the application to re-scan for the location of Steam games?

HMD Model: Pimax 5K+
First 3 Numbers Serial: 203
Pitool Version: v1.0.1.271
HMD Firmware: v2.1.255.271
Tracking: Steam v2 lighthouses

System Info

  • Windows Version: Windows 10 Pro x64
  • CPU: Intel i9900k
  • RAM: 32gb Kingston Hyper-X 4166mhz
  • Motherboard: Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero
  • GPU Model: Asus ROG Strix 1080ti OC
  • GPU Driver: v471.41
  • SteamVR Version: v1.18.7
  • Oculus Version: n/a

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Did you move just the games to a faster drive(not C drive)? Or did you move Steam as well?

Pitool looks for core steam install on C drive(a flaw for sure). That being said if Steam is installed with SteamVR on C drive your games on another drive (Steam Library) should populate.

Basically I left Steam on my C: drive, and relocated all of the games (inc SteamVR) to a 1tb SSD that I had lying around. I’ll try moving SteamVR back to the C: drive and see if that makes any difference.

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Well, moving SteamVR back to the C: drive didn’t work, but what I did try was uninstalling PiTool using Revo Uninstaller, which scrapes the system for every file related to Pimax. After deleting the lot, and reinstalling PiTool from scratch, my games are back. It’s a shame that PiTool doesn’t have a re-scan function though, that would have made life a LOT easier.


Well to be honest Pitool should allow custom install location. And ask where Steamvr and Oculus are installed.

Pimax Experience I think has a rescan option but that doesn’t fix pitool.

I have been curious if a directory shortcut might work. But I think Windows broke that option long ago.

My Steam and Oculus installs/libraries are on my D: drive and it found everything just fine. I don’t remember having to do anything special to get pitools/experience to find them.

Strange as it is a common known flaw. Pimax even said steam should be install on C drive.

Steam/Oculus being installed on the C drive doesn’t necessarily mean that You library is… :wink:

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That’s how I have it. Steam & SteamVR on C and one of my steam Libraries on D.

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Same here… :+1:

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I prefer to keep the library on a differ drive easy to copy it on another drive or use one on a usb hard drive between systems

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