All Google Drive files of PE + PiTool has been temporary removed

Hi all!

Unfortunately Google didnt like the fact that I was storing PE and PiTool on my personal Google Drive for sharing purposes. I got a warning about breaking their policy :slight_smile: So for now, all the previos Pimax VR Experience Beta version files has been removed. Currently, only the version is available for download here:

We will soon use a new server for the downloads, so they will be located on the Pimax official server, which is both faster and more reliable.

Thanks for understanding.


If you upload things to a public project on GitHub (maybe GitLab as well), they will be publicly available there forever.



Has a great idea on using Github. As you can also use it for bug tracking and pull requests.

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lol…on what planet. I have never had a pitool download directly from Pimax Servers be faster than a turtle :turtle:


I’ve asked this many times and these dudes don’t get it.

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I suspect that is not the case, and that SweViver has not been using GitHub/GitLab lately for this only out of urgent convenience.

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I have seen Pimax asked and only loosely had the spaghetti Franken opensourse pitool code posted there.

@arminelec and @SweViver are more likely to consider this route.

A new version will be out tonight, temporary on Armins server which is super fast as far as I can tell. We will consider Github for sharing the executables, but when it comes to the source code, the project is definitely not ready for open source release yet, if thats what requested :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestions!


Github can be great just for releases as you can use it for bug tracking and Feature requests. As it will allow folks to see easier if a bug has been reported.


Yes thats all I was asking before was to use it for the releases

Luke Ross does it

Releases · LukeRoss00/gta5-real-mod (

the best thing about it is that I can watch releases on github and download it without you having to tell us all the time. I literally would get an email every time an new version was available.


It was not. Yeah, I understand. :wink: