All this coronavirus hysteria is making us unhealthy

Constant news about coronavirus fears is making us all feel bad and depressing our immune system. Quarantines are pointless and unnecessary at this point. It’s like using a bucket to pour water out of the ocean. It’s only a matter of time until the virus will infect everyone. It’s time to move from quarantines to basic prevention techniques and treatment.


Quarantine and prevention techniques are not mutually exclusive tho. Can do both to minimise the risk.


It isn’t a matter of time before the virus infects “everyone”. There are millions of infectious diseases people are never exposed to in their lifetime. By that logic everyone would eventually get SARS or MERS (both are also corona viruses btw) but SARS-CoV occurred in 2002 and MERS-Cov was in 2017.

This article is a good reference on how high quality procedures stop the spread of a virus.

Note SARS-CoV had 115 cases and 29 States in the United States on April 4th, 2003. By July 5th, 2003 the virus was contained. Worldwide travel restrictions were removed in late July 2003.


I don’t think it’s your job to post your personal opinions about a very complex, delicate and opaque topic.

The CDC numbers are all irrelevant, because they intentionally limit testing people (under 500 people tested in the USA in total, before they stopped to publish the test amount), so common people don’t get aware about the real number of infections.

But because of the high death rate (9 %) we can deduce, that the USA is catching way too few infections.

I didn’t calculate the numbers myself, just pulled from reddit, so make your own research.

Ah, nice so I’m not allowed to express an opinion while you author an entire opinion piece (with a 9% false mortality rate btw). You even express an opinion that the centers for disease control is irrelevant.


Be wise everyone, all this situation is largely a carefully architected situation for pushing a precise agenda, inform yourself as much as possible, and not only from “official” sources.
Getting caught in the fear hysteria is not the best solution, if you are worried about being exposed to anything transmissible, find information on colloidal silver solution, it will be more than sufficient to keep you safe.


@Lillo Agree. And We should not click any corona related - links in internet and avoid TV. Energy goes wherever is our attention - basis of quantum physics. Please avoid that histeria. Dont fuell it.

If understand correctly he does not claim the virus has 9 % mortality rate. Just that CDC numbers have which would point to the fact that they missed testing lot of easier cases (as real mortality is lower).

I have no clue what CDC numbers are. But I can relate because in our country (in EU) there is still no confirmed case but every country around already has some. And I don’t really believe that we still have no cases but also think that it is just result of neglecting proper testing (which is kind of confirmed by people who return from infected countries and have suspicion but instead of testing are told to just stay home for 2 weeks).

SARS does not spread while an infected person is asymptomatic and for MERS Wiki says Its spread is uncommon outside of hospitals. so it’s not very contagious at all.

Yes not everybody will catch the virus, because sooner or later some immunity in the community will develop, also countermeasures are taken slowing down infections.
There are viruses however that affect almost every adult like herpes simplex aka cold sores, which is chronic unlike nCov.
Viruses that are good at spreading usually also have mild effects on the host, at least for for some time.

The rise in infections is linear for SARS, nCov so far is exponential(Chinese numbers have tapered off). Also nCov has long exceeded SARS numbers in a shorter period of time. I know Lilo won’t approve :wink:


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Some people believe that southeast asians are more susceptible because of having more ACE 2 receptors in the lungs. While the mortality rate in most countries so far is better than in China, Italy’s is worse.

We’ll see how this will play out, there’s not that much that can be done on the individual level anyway.


False - There’s a whole lot that can be done on the individual level, and it’s your responsibility, not of some “specialist” or government, and if you think otherwise it’s just that you lack the required information to act in this direction.

Don’t look on the wiki for this type of information, it’s long become an information junkyard, find alternative sources that offer a different, wide view look of the whole matter and remain open to any and every possible connection.

Hint: Search for Makia Freeman articles on the net.


Right, the most common way that people stay uninfected is that either infected ones don’t meet anybody else (so, effective quarantine) or that the percentage of immune people from the people an infected person might meet is so high that the number of infections goes down again and finally stops. (Or that infection rate from infected to non-immune persons is so low that the spread naturally dies off in the first place. Which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be the case here.)

Have played around with some simulation of that, twisting some numbers etc. My simulation is most certainly too simplistic and can easily lead to wrong conclusions. So the only takeaway that I think is worthwhile to share is that this all is a highly volatile system where small changes in parameters and assumptions can lead to big changes in impact, that the effect of exponential functions is difficult to grasp intuitively and that measures trying to keep things under control without hysteria can be a worthy and effective endeavor.


Listening to specialists is a good idea in general…


The simple truth if you go by legit sources of the CDC and WHO. The coronaVirus is serious enough to educate oneself via creditable sources as @Lillo has said.

We have 2 key disinformation groups. The over hypers and the down players. Both WHO and CDC agree it is something to be concerned with a potential pandemic; however it will not be the apocalypse and nor will it be something to dismiss. China has shown how bad it is and has taken necessary steps that has proved to reduce it’s spread there. While we are seeing some other countries experiencing surges most likely due to believing downplayers.


It’s interesting that you’re creating your own models, and as stated it will be difficult to predict how the situation will unfold, here’s one opinion on C19 and herd immunity.

I’m sure Germany, the UK and other countries have based their decisions on expert advice.

You’re right, with the internet becoming economically and politically important, there’s interest in managing the narrative.

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