Alyx Gravity Gloves and Full Physics in Skyrim!

Holy Cow have you seen this!? This is insane.

This has been a public service announcement.


Yep, just installed that mod and tried it out a few days ago. Works really well and is definitely worth installing.


Yeah, I saw that. Goodness gracious me. Can’t wait to try it but I have to complete the main story in CP2077 before I move back the computer from the living room (and, dayum, how glad I was when a pancake game finally broke my “can’t play pancake because of VR” thing).


Yeah cp is the first game that felt next gen to me, physics interactions and bugs aside it’s really special.

This looks UNREAL. I’m moving to a new house today, very excited to get the pimax set up for a new run of skyrim and mods. my GF is just getting into this game for the first time on her switch and it has me itching for another playthrough. FOV is a must for skyrim in some of the open vistas


Skyrim VR is where it’s at. The mod community are top notch.


Yeah it’s best to get over it.

I was very wound up about the fact that Everspace 2 lost VR support. But then I realized something.
Long before VR I was head over heels for Stereo3d. Using things such as Tridef and 3dVision. It made every pancake game so much more impressive and worked with most games.

I decided to try some games recently in stereo and it reminded me of how amazing it can be. And HMD’s are the perfect way to experience this. So the way I see it. Even if a game doesn’t support VR doesn’t mean that VR HMD’s can’t do anything to enhance the experience.

Even if it doesn’t work on every game I still enjoy playing a pancake game once in a while. Zelda Breath of the Wild was truly one of the best games I’ve ever played in my life and I spent dozens of hours in it, and will probably do it again.

Its not worth missing out on great games because of some made up stigma that they aren’t worth playing because they aren’t VR.


I actually have not been able to enjoy pancake. Nothing about some principle/statement.

The most heartbreaking one was when I had the chance to play the mentioned Breath of the Wild. I had played and loved a bunch of Zelda games for some decades so I was super hyped and excited to try it. I started from the beginning and got out in to the world after the indoor intro setting. I felt nothing. It was beautiful over there on the TV but, yeah, I wasn’t there. It struck me hard. I continued playing but eventually gave up. I had a couple of similar experiences so I just thought that it probably never really would be the same.

I bought CP2077 because I read that vorpX worked nice. I was very disappointed of that combo so I desperately decided to put the computer in the living room with my 60" 4K TV. I sat myself about a meter/3ft from the TV to up my chances of immersion. And, oh my, it worked. I played about 200 hours in less than a month. Max level and street cred. Hooked! On pancake! :sweat_smile:

Second playthrough I will experiment more with vorpX and maybe it’s flat mode.


Yeah, I have one of those 32:9 Samsung G9’s and i gotta say its the Pimax of monitors. Its surprising what peripheral vision can do even in pancake when the screen fills your periphery.

I actually plan on ditching the TV altogether for pancake games in favor of giant FOV filling Curved Virtual screens in desktop mode in programs such as Virtual Desktop, Vorpx Cinema Mode and Steam Desktop Theater.

What prevents me from doing that is that the performance in VD in this mode is hit or miss. NFS Heat for example runs smooth on the monitor but loos like a slideshow in the headset. Its weird but I think it has to do with the fact that some games require heavy GPU and VD also requires a bit of GPU to even display the screen. Who knows.

It might just be the technique VD uses to composite the desktop in VR. I want to try all of the above applications and see which offers the best performance in pancake gaming

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I had a similar experience (before VR) with Elite. I was at a friend who was also playing and in order to discuss some ship mechanics we fired it up on his beamer and I was surprised how epic it looked. In a dark room with the image ~ 2,5 m wide and good sound it was very impressive. It definitely has this “you are in the space and looking out of window vibe” even it was “just” a 2D. Then I went back to my 22" monitor :smiley:.

I played it totally on the Switch screen (partly to test the user experience on a handheld as it was my first) and consider it one of the best games I ever played either. Unfortunately, then I tried the other “hits” (Mario Odyssey, Carts, etc.), but nothing sticked. So I guess there is something very unique about this game which appeals to me, despite the form factor. The other games not so. I imagine, Zelda in VR will be deadly.


Yeah, imagine Zelda as a full blown VR game! The world, the puzzle mechanics and the gadgets - swinging, blocking, planting, hooking, burning, fishing. OMG! :star_struck:


you mean not the ghetto VR way that @SweViver cooked up a year or so ago with your cell phone taped to your head? :rofl:

Sounds legit!

@Sweviver was following the method that another YT was using to run this. The method used was SuperDepth3D with the vr shader. I have yet to use SuperDepth for vr, but I have used it for S3D since Nvidia decided to kill 3DVision.

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Did he somehow get reshade to work in VR?

if so I think he may have accidently struck gold, while digging for oil. Found this super old thread , is any of this relevant today?

if you are on a 20xx series GPU. Doesn’t work with 30Xx (thanks nvidia)

My mistake, I think I was remembering the video I linked and the cell phone video, plus recently using SuperDepth and seeing the ‘VR’ shaders. You can use Opentrack for mouse look control with virtual desktop software, I’m not sure how this compares to Vorpx.

I don’t think ‘extended mode’ is a thing anymore, but this does talk about the “Polynomial_Barrel_Distortion.fx” shader.

I have Helixvision, and I’ve used 3DFix manager, but it’s too much hassle to set up and rarely works for me. When it does, I’m not sure how I got it to work, as I have multiple monitors and it’s inconsistent on displaying on the correct monitor and refuses to work if it wasn’t launched in that supported monitor.

I also have Vorpx, but the few games I’ve tried have left me feeling a little sick. Full vr mod conversions(Doom 3/Alien Isolation/Subnautica) I’m fine though.

YmmV with Vorpx. Games with Direvt FOV mide are best. But what I find helps in Vorpx or real VR is setting turning as fast as I can. Less of an issue with a mouse and keyboard.

Trying to turn with a gamepad is bad if its to slow and can follow it with your eye.

I usually stick with ‘snap turning’ with full locomotion vr games. I would prefer to only do ‘real world’ turning, to eliminate motion sickness and increase immersion, but then you have to worry about the cable.

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me too! I only mentioned it because Pancake games in Vorpx dont have snap turning.(AFAIK)

Unless you are on a quest

I’m not sure about that, I was just thinking there should be a way to map the X/Y+/- to 90/180 degree turns similar to the RE4 180.

I’d rather hang myself with the cord than support Facebook. :crazy_face:

Hopefully we will get the wireless adapter soon. If not, I’d be open to buying a roto vr cable adapter if they had displayport(and they were still for sale :laughing:).