AMD Driver Support

Issue Title:AMD Driver Support
Description:Pitool reports that the latest drivers from AMD are too old. This had been occuring since AMD released driver 20.5

HMD Model: 5K+
First 3 Numbers Serial: 204
Pitool Version: 263 and 2.071
HMD Firmware:264

System Info

  • Windows Version: 10
  • CPU: Threadripper 2920x
  • RAM: Corsair 3200
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte x399 Pro
  • GPU Model: Powercolor 5700XT
  • GPU Driver: 20.8.3
  • SteamVR Version:13.10
  • Oculus Version: NA

Attachments (Pics/Video etc…)

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I have same problem using a AMD Vega 64 GPU with 8K-X, except after a few seconds after loading PiTool it physically turns my PC off.

“The driver is too small” is the pop up warning I get after loading PiTool.

Finally gave up and bought an Nvidia card and hope to test it soon.


Try . If that fails, try .197 and .144 . These are PiTool versions I have been able to certify perform well with the most intense use cases. I probably tested at least the oldest of these with AMD CPU and GPU.

However, Navi_8k has the right idea. Unfortunately, Intel/NVIDIA has too much of an edge, and VR can make smooth use of every few extra % on a single CPU thread and single GPU. To the point buying top-end binned hardware and overclocking is well worthwhile.

I have a ThreadRipper 1950X and AMD FX 8350 myself, and tried a Ryzen 2700X before going 5.1GHz i9-9900k and 2045MHz RTX 2080 Ti. Wouldn’t use any of the AMD stuff for VR right now.

You are also missing out on Smart Smoothing and foveated rendering with AMD GPU.

I should mention that if I acknowledge the warning the headset works great. I’m really just looking for the warning to be removed for newer drivers.


Ah ok. TBH, I am going to have to disagree with that desire. Aside from the PiTool team having enough trouble just avoiding regressions, until AMD supports the very basic stuff we need for VR, AMD users should get some kind of warning.

That is not a good suggestion. Pimax just needs to increment one number inside Pitool. I think they can handle that without regression.

Both of which are hit and miss with many titles in VR.

Anyway, it is good to have both vendors supported and maybe just a one off warning for AMD users on installing PiTool that Smart Smoothing and Foreated Rendering are not supported.


Blitze, that’s a better compromise. Although my testing indicates that Smart Smoothing seems to work on AMD. Has anyone else seen this?

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I had no idea smart smoothing and i guess Pimax in general is not properly supported on AMD. That’s honestly not acceptable in any sort of way.


I’m happy to report that I’m no longer getting AMD driver version warnings from Pitool with version 2.086.

Thanks for fixing this!!

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