Amd FSR for steamVR games (mod)

Looks like someone has started something here.


looks super interesting .anyone played already around with it ?

i will try this later out.

adjustable renderScale and sharpness parameters sounds very very promising

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Yea I have tried this and it seems to work but I am getting some very weird performance.

In DCS I can now turn absolutely everything up to the max and I get 27FPS, sipping to 26FPS frequently. Sometimes jumping to 41FPS (smart smoothing on). But nothing in between.

When at 27FPs it is smooth. When at 26FPS there is a constant stutter.

Weird thing is, if I turn everything down I still get exactly the same results, 27FPs smooth dropping to 26FPS stuttering.

I have an RTX3090 and i9-9900k.

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I am using render scale 0.75 and sharpening 1.0.

It changing render scale and sharpening up or down I still get 27FPS dipping to 26.

Changing Pitool render quality and Steam VR res up or down I still get 27 dipping to 26.

This guy seems to have figured DCS out


this is impressive