Announcement: Aftermarket 8kX Hinge Assortment AVAILABLE! Get yours HERE!

Assortments of aftermarket 8kX hinges (replacements) are now available from a 3D printing company I work with - 3D Connected Printing.

Please order our ‘Everything 7+ Pairs’ option to get everything you may need for the best fit with your Pimax Vision 8kX headset.

Product insert included.

We currently offer two options.

  • Everything 7+ Pairs - Adds 170deg, fully adjustable, 157deg, and 155deg (Pimax default) hinges - no limits!

Etsy - Everything 7+ Pairs

  • Essential 4 Pairs - Hinges we expect to fit most users best - 159deg, 161deg, 163deg, 165deg .

Etsy - Essential 4 Pairs

With the ‘Everything 7+ Pairs’ assortment, everyone should be able to find a good fit, and we strongly recommend this option. However, in either case, the 161deg hinge is a good ‘medium’ size to start ‘trying on’. We may begin offering individual pairs of hinges if our users are able to help us identify predictable choices.

Design files, printable AMF/STL files, and recommended ‘slicer’ manufacturing settings are published under the open-source GNU GPL license. M2x10mm screws are also required.

Please do consider ordering these from us though. We have a lot of experience ensuring quality, and have been through a few iterations to ensure these parts will fit correctly.

Further discounts may be available to frequent participants from these forums, or for bulk orders - please contact us! Pricing is set by machine time/maintenance, fulfillment labor, etc - we are not expecting to make a large profit here. Keep in mind a full platter takes approximately 6 hours of print time, and some post-processing after that. Also, the ‘flat’ rather than ‘angled’ hinges were chosen for quality - we can optimize bulk orders of specific hinges.

Please forgive the ‘shameless’ advertising.
I have high hopes this project will, more than anything, allow the VR community to benefit from the innovative approach of Pimax’s comfort kit - shifting a fraction of the pressure to the top of the head.

Special thanks to @Teigue for the dimensionally accurate model of Pimax MAS hinges.


I’m one of the lucky few the 8kx fits nicely right out of the box- but there are a LOT of folks who will be glad to get a product like this!


Interesting, I would really like to know more! Does the back of the strap lower all the way toward the lower half of the head, just above the neck? Moreover, is about 2/3 of the pressure on the top of the foam of the comfort kit as it should be? Do you know which foam you are using, and if it has a teflon slick kind of feel? And are you using plastic, or metal hinges? Finally, does you headset have any limit at all, or is there some possibility you were given a unit that did not have this new feature?

Photos would be great.

Even the plastic hinge, at a 155deg default, places the back of the strap in a position higher than the headset itself. I would think it is impossible for anyone to get best results

This is important because it affects whether most users should start with 161deg, or something else.

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Full set (7+ pairs) restocked!

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Shameless bump. :wink:

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Some of you have probably received your hinges by now. I would really appreciate some third party reviews please!

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Hi mirage335,

Thanks for your share.



Is this supposed to help pull the strap down to the back of your head? It doesn’t look like it based on the video. The range of motion is the same.

Yes, these hinges do exactly that. However, the video does not show any Pimax supplied hinges for comparison. Actual difference in angle is shown by product insert page graphic at the top of this thread, using two overlaid photographs.

Also, actually showing the difference in stop angle between Pimax hinges and these in a video would probably require placing the headset on a user and showing the difference in position of the back of the strap.

However, such a demonstration would still not show the real benefits of better distributing pressure across the comfort kit foam, the reduced side-to-side inertia, etc.

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Always pick up your Pimax Vision (8kX) headset from the top strap, not from the sides.

A failure mode has been identified. Grabbing the MAS strap from one side - rather than picking up the headset from the top strap - can cause the hinge to shear off the pin. Due to the small amount of clearance allowed, a design improvement is probably not feasible. However, I do plan to demonstrate this in a video.

Original hinges from Pimax should not fail immediately this way, due to their injection molding, though wearing out over time is possible.

No such torsion force could possibly be exerted while wearing the headset, so this should not affect durability. Just be careful to grab the headset from the top strap (out of habit I always have).

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Yeah found that 3dprinted parts not great durability from the Vive DAS adapters. Why I think it was @g-coded I think it was has the slide over og hinges(much more durable in my xp)

Please try to avoid sweeping generalizations.

This is a very specific weakness due to a combination of two problems.

  • Rather large amount of leverage achievable by torsion (which absolutely does not occur in normal use).
  • Layers aligned to the separating force.

Lamination strength between 3D printed layers has been tested at ~60% of injection molding (see YouTube videos with Universal Test Machines). So I would not at all be surprised if someone who picked up a headset from the side every day with injection molded hinges experienced similar problems, and this could explain some of the failures I saw in the YouTube video regarding a well-used Index headset.

It’s not a sweeping generalization. It simply an issue with layering strength on a stress component clamping on the bar.

You said yourself that the Oem hinge is stronger and pointed out a common flaw with 3dprinting.


Harsh words for a very specific and limited deficiency. Thus, an untrue sweeping generalization.

Vs the slide over oem hinge it is very true.

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I feel like you both have good points, the OEM hinges are probably more durable than the 3d printed hinges,

but it’s also a very broad claim to state that the 3d printed hinges have “not great durability” in circumstances where durability is actually only reduced if you were to pick it up in a certain way.

I could lift my index headset by the cable and break the cable clamp, does that mean the cable clamp has “not great durability” in all circumstances? no, but within the nuance of me picking the headset up by the cable at its weak point, I may very well snap the cable clamp in doing so.

let’s be clear, the OEM black housing on the Pimax headsets don’t have great durability, in pretty much all circumstances. It’s also fair to say that the 3d printed hinges do not have great durability when compared to the OEM hinges.

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My ABS printed hinges broke, both and was only picked up by the top strap not the side. This is a common problem as mentioned with stress on 3dprinted parts. After the oneside broke simply popping the othside broke when removing.

Now add extra tension from the ratcheting mechanism on part that clamps to the bar. While I don’t have a resin printers are said to be worst for mechanical parts of which I would have thought should be better.

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Thorough testing has demonstrated only the leverage of torsion when headset is picked up from the side causes these particular 3D printed hinges to fail. Months of use and several deliberate attempts to break the hinges has not show any other weaknesses.

@Heliosurge, please keep in mind it is probably desirable for this topic to be focused on problems and solutions entirely specific to just the aftermarket product mentioned by the OP.

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