Announcement: Aftermarket 8kX Hinge Assortment AVAILABLE! Get yours HERE!

Assortments of aftermarket 8kX hinges (replacements) are now available from a 3D printing company I work with - 3D Connected Printing.

Please order our ‘Everything 7+ Pairs’ option to get everything you may need for the best fit with your Pimax Vision 8kX headset.

Product insert included.

We currently offer two options.

  • Everything 7+ Pairs - Adds 170deg, fully adjustable, 157deg, and 155deg (Pimax default) hinges - no limits!

Etsy - Everything 7+ Pairs

  • Essential 4 Pairs - Hinges we expect to fit most users best - 159deg, 161deg, 163deg, 165deg .

Etsy - Essential 4 Pairs

With the ‘Everything 7+ Pairs’ assortment, everyone should be able to find a good fit, and we strongly recommend this option. However, in either case, the 161deg hinge is a good ‘medium’ size to start ‘trying on’. We may begin offering individual pairs of hinges if our users are able to help us identify predictable choices.

Design files, printable AMF/STL files, and recommended ‘slicer’ manufacturing settings are published under the open-source GNU GPL license. M2x10mm screws are also required.

Please do consider ordering these from us though. We have a lot of experience ensuring quality, and have been through a few iterations to ensure these parts will fit correctly.

Further discounts may be available to frequent participants from these forums, or for bulk orders - please contact us! Pricing is set by machine time/maintenance, fulfillment labor, etc - we are not expecting to make a large profit here. Keep in mind a full platter takes approximately 6 hours of print time, and some post-processing after that. Also, the ‘flat’ rather than ‘angled’ hinges were chosen for quality - we can optimize bulk orders of specific hinges.

Please forgive the ‘shameless’ advertising.
I have high hopes this project will, more than anything, allow the VR community to benefit from the innovative approach of Pimax’s comfort kit - shifting a fraction of the pressure to the top of the head.

Special thanks to @Teigue for the dimensionally accurate model of Pimax MAS hinges.


I’m one of the lucky few the 8kx fits nicely right out of the box- but there are a LOT of folks who will be glad to get a product like this!


Interesting, I would really like to know more! Does the back of the strap lower all the way toward the lower half of the head, just above the neck? Moreover, is about 2/3 of the pressure on the top of the foam of the comfort kit as it should be? Do you know which foam you are using, and if it has a teflon slick kind of feel? And are you using plastic, or metal hinges? Finally, does you headset have any limit at all, or is there some possibility you were given a unit that did not have this new feature?

Photos would be great.

Even the plastic hinge, at a 155deg default, places the back of the strap in a position higher than the headset itself. I would think it is impossible for anyone to get best results

This is important because it affects whether most users should start with 161deg, or something else.

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Full set (7+ pairs) restocked!

Shameless bump. :wink: