Annoying smart smoothing problem in W10 and Alyx

I seem to be having a problem with having Smart Smoothing turned on in both Steam Home and HL:Alyx.
This only seems to be happening in my Windows 10 installation and not my Windows 8.1. Both have the same version of Steam, Steam VR, Pitool and both have the latest Nvidia drivers installed.

The problem is that on the left and right edges of the buttons of the games you have installed there is a sort of watery, wobbly distortion when you move your head around.

In HL:A It is noticeable in-game too. For instance if I go into the room at the beginning and pick up the lid from the tub or one of the whiteboard pens and wave it about there is extreme distortion of the image around about it. Almost waterfall like.

With Smart smoothing off everything is fine.

Also in LA Noir VR there are strange circles where textures seem darker and shadows seem to have edges when they overlap. this is really wierd. Anyone got any ideas?

sounds like maybe you have fixed foveated rendering on.

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That’s my solution.
.I personally don’t like or use any frame duplication, Pimax or Steam.

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Hum. I don’t think I have that option.

Well it would be the solution but in L.A Noir VR I don’t think I had smart smoothing on. I’ll check it later.

Smart Smoothing is definitely off in L.A. Noir VR. I have tried to record what I am talking about but it’s the circles and shadow problems don’t really show up to well. I have one video where you see a part of the problem. If you look at the hat at the top of the screen. The Shadow under the eave of the house, the problem passes under the chimney as I turn my head. Then down by the boundary wall then along the bottom of the wall of the house to my left where it meets the red part. What doesn’t show in the video is the shadows in the tree and the large circles. It doesn’t look bad in the video but it is a lot worse in the headset. This never happened in Windows 10 LTSC before I reinstalled it to 10 Pro.

I tried to record the issue in Steam VR Home but it only shows up in the headset not the mirror.

Got some more videos from the VR headset showing the problem in SteamVR Home.
In this video look at the small squares on the floor and you will see the warping as the teleport circle thing goes over them.

In the second video right near the beginning you can see on the left side of the buttons of the games that it warps up and down as I move the headset left and right. It doesn’t happen when I move it up and down.

Similar warping can be seen in Alyx but more random around the edges of anything I am holding.

Well I was replying to your title which doesn’t mention that game. As far as Alyx goes have you tried turning off “SVR smoothing and reprojection” for that game specifically?
Also are you using parallel projection in both games?

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Yes I posted it before I tried LA Noir.
When smart smoothing is off in Alyx the problem is gone and I have tried with both parallel projection and not parallel projection. The thing is it shouldn’t be happening should it. It doesn’t happen in my Windows 8.1 installation. It points to something being wrong. It is obviously tied to the LA Noir issue and there might be a problem in other games I haven’t checked. LA Noir is now unplayable, whereas before it was.

Thanks for your your help dogbite.

The “watery” description is often used by people because of Pimax’s Smart Smoothing. It is why I never use it. Ever. It’s why as you say “With Smart smoothing off everything is fine”
SVR’s versions of frame duplication (smooth) and (legacy) can cause the same effect depending on the game. Think ASW and ATW in oculus. Indeed the only frame duplicator worth a dam is Oculus’s ASW 2.0 imo.
Why you possibly don’t see an issue in Win 8.1 is because ASW doesn’t work before Win 10. So because Pimax uses ASW type routines my guess is Smooth isn’t even running in 8.1. Just a guess though.


Perhaps but it may not have happened in windows 10 LTSC I had before I reinstalled. Also surely smart smoothing only activates if the frame-drops below 90 or whatever I have it set to. Wouldn’t think that would happen in SteamVR Home and it definitely wasn’t happening in Alyx.

Still doesn’t explain LA Noir which is where the trouble is because as you say I can always switch SS off for the other games.

And even I was shocked by how noticable oculus ASW is. Had to download the debug tool IMMEDIATELY after using quest link to disable it, and i rarely caused it to turn on in the first place. Smooth framerate is important but not worth melting the image over :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t speak to LTSC or even what you mean by “may not”
Can speak to Steam Home but I agree frame duplication routine shouldn’t be an issue. I would take that question to them. I wouldn’t assume that because 2 things appear to manifest the same they are caused by the same thing. Seen that not be the case in computerland too often. Usually results in someone telling you to get a new power supply lol.

I haven’t used my Rift since before Quest but when ASW 2 arrived I found what little I used it was quite good in terms of detectable artifacts. Way better than the original. Still don’t like any frame duplication in most cases.Especially Pimax’s Smart Smoothing.

What I mean by ‘may not’ is I only booted into that Windows installation to run L.A. Noir because I couldn’t get it to run in 8.1 so I only briefly seen the SteamVR Home so I didn’t really notice if it was doing it or not and obviously I never had Alyx then. I don’t remember seeing it though.

L.A.Noir ran perfectly with no artfacts then. Only since re-installation from LTSC to PRO is this apparent.
Thanks for the advice.
I’ve heard the PSU thing a lot in my time too. lol

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Just noticed LA Noire isn’t a VR title.

Oh I must be lying then. lol Look up at my second post where I called it LA Noir VR. :wink:

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Ah only noticed the original i guess. :grinning: