Another Extreme Ipd Mod

Very clean instructions with Pics(8kX)


I wish they would see that it would be important to make the 8KX with more travel and start with the lenses almost touching. I have not heard of anyone not being able to get them far enough apart!

I am lucky because my IPD is 60.5 and I can get a very clear picture with both eyes. I believe this is because I ware glasses and the multi optics do a bit of correction for me. With small adjustments using a grid, I can do the final measurements. I know Fresnel lenses have a very tight tolerance for distance to the screens as they are short focus - but small adjustments in that would be great also vs using different thickness face foam plates.

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Seeing the inside, it looks like it wouldn’t have been that hard to make the lens movement independent. I hope that a future headset will implement this possibility, it would avoid using software offsets, which obviously are not the same thing