Answer to "How to get rid of rendering issues in Half Life Alyx WITHOUT Parallel Projection!"

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So, I’ve tried this thing. I have an overclocked RTX2080, a pimax 8K+. In pitool use the normal FoV, the render resolution is 1. In SteamVR the render resolution is on automatic, no special settings for HL:A.

For the command line I used these commands:
-console -vconsole + sc_no_cull 1 + vr_multiview_instancing 0 + volume_fog_enable_stereo 0

When I start HL:A with it, I have an average of TWICE AS HIGH frame time than when I start it without it.

The discoverer of this thing (NextGenVR) now writes:

"For those wondering what Multiview instancing does. It basically saves on some rendering costs by rendering the scene once for the left eye, and then shifting and adjusting the image for the right eye. This works as intended on smaller FOV headsets like the index. But for wide FOV headsets, the rendering gets messed up. So disabling it, means rendering the same image again for the right eye. "

So it’s actually clear why. But then the question is: what does the whole thing actually bring? If I run HL:A with PP it will cost me about 25% GPU power.

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This is the CL that was posted here some time ago that I have been using:

-console -vconsole +vr_fidelity_level_auto 0 +vr_fidelity_level 8 +vr_multiview_instancing 0 +vr_shadow_map_culling 0 +sc_no_cull 1

It does solve the the graphics issues that PP normally dealt with so no complaints.
The only anomally I have had with ALYX is it is the only game in my extensive library that crashes with my 3.5 to 4.5 Ghz cpu overclock (I have to back down to 4.3). All others have no issue with the OC. Being a game that is more gpu than cpu intensive this isn’t a problem anyway, Just strange that it is the only one


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