Any chance of having a warranty beyond 1 year on something like the 12k or Crystal?

Pimax has not at all been shy about touting how advanced they believe the 12k and Crystal are supposed to be, particularly the 12k. From all the comments made, something like the 12k is supposed to be a headset you can hopefully use for a long time to come before one would even need to think about upgrading if they don’t value pancake optics and small form factor highly. And if they deliver on everything for it? I could easily see some people who get the 12k keeping the headset for multiple years or longer. There’s people out here still rocking things like original HTC Vive Pro’s because they value certain aspects of it so highly.

However, you get what you pay for and these headsets are crazy expensive, it’s a big purchase for a lot of people. Industry standard is 1 year(Or 2 in some countries) warranty, but I think I speak for a chunk of people, especially those getting the 12k via the trade in program, when I say that if we buy one of those headsets and if it dies shortly past the default warranty, we’re not going to jump out and immediately buy another one even if it’s the best on the market. If it’s meant to last and be a future proof headset, it’d be nice for it to last and for Pimax to have confidence it will too.

I know that it varies based on local laws, but even as an optional purchase, as many companies have for hardware, I think it’d be welcomed since I’d definitely consider buying an extra year or two of warranty for the 12k with some of the money I save on the trade in. I’d love to have the peace of mind for something I’m buying that’s this expensive. Sometimes, tech can last forever, but sometimes it’ll die literal days after the warranty runs out.


I’d like a longer warranty too, the law here in the uk is just 1 year. I’m on the fence about whether i’d only buy Crystal from Amazon, usually with Amazon tech purchases you get an offer to buy an extended warranty/accidental breakage cover at checkout.


Additionally, a longer than “7 Day Return” Policy would be nice especially since you can buy from Pimax Official Online store and be stuck with only a 7-Day return window for a $2,499 + (Accessories) device or buy from other official resellers (Amazon, Microcenter, and others) and get a better return window and with Amazon in particular a probably better return policy (Amazon maybe a little too flexible in some cases.)

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Actually, the Pimax Trade-in Program should be very odd when it comes to something like a full refund… afterall they are in theory still in possession of your old headset, though it may have already be “Recycled” by the time you request a return or RMA.

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