Any luck using 3rd Party Headphones with 8KX?

For you guys that have received your 8KXs are you able to wear your own headphones? I’m relatively certain I will want to do that. As I always have with every VR headset I’ve owned. Just wondering how they fit with the 8KX strap?

Still waiting for my 8kx (@PimaxQuorra ;-/ ) but with my my 5k+ + vive das + selfmade counter weights I’m wearing beyer dynamic dt770. They fit still with this stuff and my huge head (at largest setting).

At first I wanted to adapt them directly to the das (therefore beyerdynamic, they seem to be easy to disassemble) but now I’m wearing them just additional. But I don’t use the 5k+ headphone output. Instead I use an external usb soundcard / amplifier.

And I’m only playing seated games (elite dangerous) with this config. For HL:Alyx I used in ear headphones (relatively cheap ones from Sony) and the 5k+ headphone jack.

For the 8kx I’m planning similar.


One of the things that has been bothering me most with my previous headset like the og vive and the 8k was having to sort out headphones and wires so I was planning on building some 3d printed adapters for my modular headphones. But it turns out that, after getting the windows settings right, I’m actually pleased enough with the smas speakers I can’t be bothered and will enjoy them until the kdmas hopefully improves on them.

I guess it’s a combination of convenience, laziness, good enough and the immersiveness of not having the cord get stuck and those cans on the ears all the time that works for me.

with that said I just tried out my old fnatic branded aiaiai headphones and they seem to fit when they’re leaned back behind the build in speakers. comfy fit of the over ear cups. and it felt like it would stay in place.

You can use your own headphones, just follow these instructions. Worked like a charm for me.

I use my dt770s with the 8KX. I had to remove the SMAS speakers for them to sit properly but that was easy and it works well.


I’m using wireless Corsair on-ear headphones. They fit over the MAS, but the strap is further back on my head than I would like. I plan to remove the above-the-ear speakers from my MAS, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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your the first person ive seen say they’re good enough. This is what I think I will feel. I actually dont mind the Quests Audio, sure it could be better but I tried using separate ear cans and while it sounds better its not worth the hassle.

Same as me.!

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I think it is because out of the box they can sound really weak, and you need to go into the speaker settings and bring up the volume, it is not enough to just raise the master volume. if you then also enable spatial sounds and possibly bass boost for them then they really sound much much better.

It’s a shame since many people will never realize that they do not need to sound weak and tinny.

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sounds like something PE should handle. @SweViver

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I’ve been looking into that and it’s not simple.

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you mean programmatically enabling windows Sonic ? youre probably right.

and adjusting the specific speaker levels, it looked like some calls to unmanaged code or com objects and stuff where you may be able to retrieve an enum of available devices that you’d probably need the user to pick the right one for and then figure out how to set things up. i mean it’s doable… maybe…


I use Sennheiser PXC 550-II with a Sennheiser BT T100 dongle, connected to the PC’s TOSLINK plug with a high quality cable.

It’s got some real oomph!

The 8KX fits over it.

there’s no lag? because that has been my issue with bluetooth headsets. but that was just ordinary dongles of cause.

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BT isn’t BT.

The PXC-550 II uses BT 5.0 and aptx LL codec. There is no latency. The dongle is 4.2 but still aptx LL and sends digitally.

Make sure to connect that via TOSLink to onboard sound plug. No auxiliary cables. The soundcard doesn’t process anything and just sends the pure digital packet to the BT T100, which transmits it digitally to PXC 550 II, which then converts it


I’ve been using a program called Boom 3D to enhance the sound of the SMAS quite a bit.

Still wanting full immersion, last night I ended up swapping the Vive DAS I had on my 5K+ over to my 8KX. Swapping back to the Vive DAS was literally a night and day difference in sound. On top of that, using Boom3D enhanced the sound even further. I was blown away at how good it sounded.

If you have the Vive DAS mod, definitely give it a try. Download Boom3D for free and try it for a month. You’ll thank me later.


I have been using DT770 pros on a woojer edge vest connected to my pc via bluetooth. They fit under / inside the headband of the 8KX. I put on my headphones, and then put vr over top of that, it seems to work well.


Thanks for the replies…looks like I can use 3rd party headphones pretty easily. That’s good to know. I use Logitech G933s which are wireless now. Hopefully I can continue that comfortably.

It’s worse than Quest audio. Very weak sound but when you use the Boom3D app, it improves it a lot.

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How did you replace it with the DAS? Is there a tutorial? I’m expecting my vive das to arrive next week and already have the adapters.