Any news on 8KX with 90Hz at Native?

I know that this was being worked on, is it a no go or still being worked on?


We live in hope still that maybe one day it’ll see the light.

I am waiting more urgently for 60Hz.


maybe with that fiberoptic cable.

i for one wouldn’t spend $200US plus secret VAT fees for 18 more hz

I would spend $200 to go from 75Hz to 90Hz


IF the Fiber optic cable can get us to 90hz in the 8KX, I’ll gladly pay Pimax’s price for it. If it makes 120hz in upscale mode possible, that would be cool too. Of course, I have no idea what difference it would make. But… hope springs eternal!


Me too but only if my existing extensions work… :wink:

YIWENTEC Fiber 8K 4K DisplayPort Cable DP 1.4 8K@60Hz

LINDY 38415 12m DisplayPort 1.4 Repeater

As a VR professional I’ve tried lots of headsets, the Pimax 8kx beats the Varjo Vr-1, Vr-2 and XTAL8K plus it’s cheaper. 90Hz is really the bare minimum for smooth gameplay so 75Hz just doesn’t cut it for me.


Yes 75hz feels meh , thats why I am waiting for the real 8k X with better lenses and 90 hz . Release February 2022 :slight_smile:

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Don’t wait too long though, or you may end up getting stuck in this loop :stuck_out_tongue:


Hold up there. Did you try those Varjo headsets or are you just going at the resolution here? Because I did try a Varjo and it’s basically perfect. My 8KX is very very nice but it’s no Varjo.

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Well myself and 3 other colleagues evaluated the Varjo-VR1 and VR2 and XR2 and XTAL8K and the 8kx beat all of them for all of us. The VR1 or VR2 is far from perfect at 89degrees fov and horrible bubble either side of the fov. Yes the centre is crisp and the clearest but the 8kx is clear enough without the claustrophobic 89degree fov. We’re now using the 8kx in a professional manner, and whilst it’s far from perfect it was the best overall. Although I’m keen to get my hands on the XR3.


What made you choose the Pimax 8KX over the XTAL 8K? I assume the XTAL has better designed lenses and a bigger sweetspot.

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The XTAL8K has a much higher inertia and is heavier on your nose. It also has a minimum gap between your eyes of 17mm compared to the 8kx 10mm, unfortunately for all of us this meant the binocular offest was wrong, the best way to describe it is like looking at the world with your hand held vertical to your nose, it’s not a nice feeling.
The lenses are better than the 8kx but I think because they are glass they weigh more which just makes it the most impractical headset for professional simulator use!
It’s easy to moan about Pimax but they’ve done a lot of things right. For me if we could boost the native refresh rate and go to OLED then this would be a clear winner. Plus it’s much cheaper than the so called professional headsets!!!


Nah, I’m not that sensitive and I’d be happy with 60hz as long as it was smooth.

Most likely with time these headsets will be able to bring more to the table as time goes by. It’s the Pimax way. :grin:

BTW, Merry Christmas everyone.


Happy to report they do.

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Yes. They’re working fine here too… :+1::wink:

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So what’s the crack with 90hz at native?

Is there any meaningful progress made, any updates?