Any reviews of v3 yet?

Supply chain? Hope they are not talking about there display supplier .

It sounded like something with the display board, the scaler chip that was previously mentioned as the reason they couldn’t do full 4k on each panel. The ceo said the specs say it can run at 90hz 4k but they haven’t gotten it to work at 90 with the 2x 1440p they’re running on the 8k

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Did he say what they are going to do about it? Also not rushing you but ,how about that review ?

That sounds like a pretty big problem. I hope they can resolve that before it ships, but I’m not sure how they would be able to short of going to a different chip; and that may not even be an option

same here…
and not sure about delivery on time …in 2/3 months
it sounds more time they need to get it right !!!

  • waiting next year if we could have vive 2 …etc
    not saying pimax is not a good choice
    but we could have better one…

This right here is one of several reasons I decided to wait and see rather than commit to the Kickstarter. There could very well be another better headset coming soon after the Pimax 8k based on the currently in the works development happening in the VR industry. I would be just fine with being wrong on this one and buying a Pimax a few months after others get theirs. I just couldn’t commit to another $500 preorder risk right now.

Cool , When I recive my 8K Pimax I’m not going to watch your gaming Vive YT channel anymore :sunglasses:

Interesting your coments about windows mixed reality headset being similar in PPD. Just watched a review of the lenovo headset. He claims it to be the best headset yet. Streets ahead of Rift.

At the moment, we only have this about the v3 prototype:

translated >>

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I’m backer, now. :joy:

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Did it say that they paid somebody off? Or am I miss reading?

We do not pay anyone, we send a collaborator of our web that lives near New York.

Is that I have put the Fruit Ninja and has hung everything, pull, to restart the machine.
They give me a check with lots of zeros and I tell everyone that it is very good.
Do you know what I’m saying? I’m going to try a Live. What a blond piece has happened, my mother.
What’s he saying here?

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Ah! It was a Joke :joy:, just a Joke (I sopose :thinking:)

Lol See this is why I need to learn Spanish I would’ve canceled my pledge lol

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Is your guy named “evertec”?

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No, but “our guy” completely agrees with what that user says.

I demoed the V2 and V3 yesterday in New York. My Q&A and impressions can be found here:

and here:

Ask me any questions you want there!