Any update on a fix for 272?

I didn’t realize that it would be that hard to fix it so that it loads the correct firmware!

Any word on a fixed release? Is there even any intent to release one?



Our Pitool team is working on a newer version, and running inspections at the moment.
We expected it to be released by next Tuesday.



Sweet! Thanks for the update!!

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Remember when these updates were weekly?


I don’t know why, but no matter what I do choose I don’t seem to be able to start a NEW thread. Frustrating.

So here this is since it is 272 related:

Need a way to disable 1/3 fps smoothing ASAP, please!

Long story short (I might be lying); bouncing back and forth from PiTool 270/271/272 eventually resulted in my needing to do a complete wipe and clean install of Windows for things to start working properly again. Why did I need to bounce back and forth? Because the 1/3 frame-rate smoothing function is so bad I can’t possibly use it. It’s a critical, horrible failure to release this without a way to turn it OFF while leaving 1/2 fps smoothing in place.

One example: ProjectCars 2; I can carefully set that up so that it usually gets 90fps and then drops to 45+smoothing at night with headlights on (headlights utterly tank PC2 performance). Under 270 I get 90 and 45fps. Under 272 I get 90 and 30fps most of the time, even though if I turn smoothing OFF for testing I can see my performance is well above the threshold where I should be getting 45fps.

The 1/3 frame-rate option is so, so awful I can’t possibly look at it or use it. Warping and just, well there is no other way to put it; it’s catastrophically bad to use.

Please, please, let us disable this as soon as humanly possible. There are some poor-performing titles where I really need to use 1/2 frame rate, and as of now I certainly consider motion-smoothing through PiTool to be completely broken. I’m probably not the only one.

Then the new forum update is working! The best way to eliminate complaints on a forum is to modify it so no one can find anything! This way people don’t try and the complaints drop to nothing! I’ve been noticing that it works really well!

I open the forum on the “Latest” tab. That way I see the current concerns. Can pretty much tell what the biggest issues are by how many new threads are started and how many months the old ones have existed.


I’ve found that the main page doesn’t always show what’s going on in the subcategories. Especially if there’s any real activity in the sub category. It takes more clicking to see what’s actually going on. Also, I was serious: have you noticed that forum discussions have dropped like a stone since the latest update? I have.

I would like to point out that I really doubt that Helio did this to confuse the forums, I think it was more of an accidental result. I also don’t mean to slam his work, he’s done a really good job keeping these forums going! I just don’t like this one, lol.

I stopped updating after Pt 261 having no need for ET and FFR support. Have been fine ever since. What I notice is most of the activity dealing with concerns has been with the 8KX, later PT and firmware, BS2 issues, the usual deliver delays and now the hype over the next hmd.
“So close and yet so far away”.

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It’s past Tuesday, any update?

I’ve tried every iteration of PiTool and Firmware. The only stable 90Hz I can get is 298 engineer test and PiTool 270. If I go 271+ I can’t get rid of the 1/3 frame smart smoothing. :frowning:

Unfortunately for me, after a complete clean install of Windows no version of PiTool prior to version 272 will see my 8K-X, so I’m stuck configuring every game at lower settings so that I don’t have to use smoothing at all.

The addition of the 1/3 framerate option has completely broken things for me. It’s an awful, horrible thing and it needs to go away ASAP.

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