Any word on DMAS?

Just need an update if it has indeed started being manufactured this month or not.

On my request why my DMAS were not received with the 8KX DLX upgrade and neither my open KDMAS while backler boxes had already been dispatched I was told I should receive the KDMAS “before Christmas” but when again chasing with that time running out then both won’t be available until “later this month” … so, in Pimax measures, not before CNY…

So, I guess it’s another year, another turn… this was exactly the same message in late 2019 when I placed my last order with them.

Then I asked what of both statements found on the store would hold true for the hand tracking module: “in stock” or “ships 4-6 weeks” (guess what, that would be during CNY break so make it 3 months rather :/) , both (sic!) to be found on the storepage for the hand tracking module would actually hold true, they were unable to commit to an oliging answer until today and rather decided to cut further communication… So it stands, as long they don’t get their act together - no more money from me and no recommendation to anyone asking for advise from me. Which really is a pitty as the headset themselves are actually really good.

Fool me once, don’t fool me twice.


Just to confirm your 8kX was not a backer upgrade or you backed 2 headsets(or bought loaner)? Otherwise if you took a “Backer Upgrade Plan” no Backer Box with KDMAS would be shipped.

Bit complicated:

8KX DLX was an upgrade actually. it was a tough decision but being told upgraders would receive their headset first, I decided to refrain from all stretches but the ET (not sure this was a good idea, as any of that plan) but rather order SMAS (allegedly “good as shipping” at that time), comfort kit, and silicone sleeve (from Ali as they couldn’t deliver - wtf?) to have my 8K good as on sale in spring while waiting for the upgrade to arrive in summer.

Next chaptrer they decided to play their “hey, we changed our mind - again” card letting us know SMAS was not compatible with original 8K in January. I asked them to change the SMAS on order to KDMAS explaining the situation, and they agreed to, well it would delay dashing out my 8K just a bit as this should be ready “soon”…

Now, urging the case they finally sent me the 8KX and comfort kit of that order from last November but, you guess it, it did not include the KDMAs I have now had officilaly on order with them (and at that time had already been deployed to backers and reviewers like @VoodooDE since a good while) but SMAS with drivers that sound impar and should soon be discarded as soon I receive the DMAS drivers

Now, even worse, those are incompatible with the 8K, voiding my keen hope to sell that headset in time for the season… Did I mention I have ONE head only I call my own that I can put a VR headset onto and only one pair of ears that require headphones? So, all in all, they could have saved on the SMAS drivers and send me the KDMAS owned and I’d be happy using the 8KX with the KS strap until the DMAS arrives.


Mine was a backer Upgrade but I paid the extra $100 for the Deluxe audio option.


This is the latest update (EDIT: With info about the DMAS that is):



Exciting news about DMAS. We completed the production tests and they were all successful. Further the audio testing results were just stunning. We have scheduled official production with no further changes to begin in only a couple of weeks. Our teams can’t wait to read customer feedback for the DMAS.

For those who are unaware the DMAS is our “ultimate audio” version of the audio subsystem for the Modular Audio Strap (MAS). The MAS allows you to change out almost all the parts, to customize your experience. So far we have released multiple face foams, 2 cowlings and with the DMAS 3 interchangeable audio options.

So I guess they’re in production right about now? :slight_smile:

Found it by choosing the pimax-official category:


Yes that is a mess for sure. I think there still trying to complete the Backer Box deliveries as some are still chasing them as have not received. So unfortunately everyone waiting on the Kdmas be it someone like yourself or orders from 2018 and backers waiting for the stretch goal boxes to purchase back are caught in Limbo.

So all in all another mess.


Or will start production in theory by the 17th.

A 5kSuper has been confirmed received on r/pimax. So far receiver happy with the headset.

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I don’t think we need (or even should) take “a couple of weeks” that literal… :smiley:

That’s why I wrote “right about now”… :wink:

They’re probably in production by next update… Whenever that will be… :smiley:


Well we know often there Estimates are overly optimistic. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:



Yes… In a couple of weeks I can say with pretty big confidence that I’ll see my DMAS before next Christmas:slight_smile:



I sure hope so. :laughing:


Better find some wood to knock on :joy::joy:


Now, we all now by now what to make out of Pimax deadlines. “a couple of weeks” - they wouldn’t say so if it were estimated “2” - that be rather “a couple of working days”. It’s save to asume this rather means 3-4 which realistically translates to “in early 2021”.

That’s when their contractors will initiate mass production. And as “mass production” doesn’t mean to produce a run of like 100 and send them out as they fall off the line, add 2 more weeks for the first run to actually arrive in their warehouse after which they need to be put in inventory, hopefully run through proper QA inspection, getting packed up, assigned to orders, readied for courier pick up.

Mind, that’s all along with the usual business and products alledgedly already in mass production but always out of stock and never shipping wihtout weeks of delay - plus - I wouldn’t be surprised them to decide announcing yet another headset with the “8KHyper” (ready to ship, of course) in between…

Last obsatcle will be FedEx, whose Shanghai subsidiary is reported to follow some special rite to only accept a limited number of individual parcels per day (personal conspiracy theory: maybe that is due them being faced with void shipping labels but no actual boxes to be picked up?)

Based on all these records, honestly we should be lucky (as in VERY) to see them shipping out in numbers before CNY.


and there you go, this time on the optical cable, but it proves my point:

They better should start to learn and use terms like “in stock”, “delivered” (in my case they meant “picked up by the courier”) and further on as used on an international scale. This would greatly help to keep up the faith here and everywhere.

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Considering that the KDMAS is basically the DMAS with just the ear cushions slapped on, I do not see what may block Pimax from already having them produced, at least the plastic parts. The only missing part should be the supposed BMR type speakers which should replace the drivers in KDMAS.

I cannot really see why this should block the delivery (or even the production), unless something more serious came up, but then the Pimax updates are not very helping in clarifying the situation, because they just give the impression everything is going as planned.


Check back next December.

In all seriousness I haven’t heard anything either. Those SMAS speakers nead replacing badly


more likely, after the quality of SMAS and KDMAS were called into question, someone at Pimax decided to actually try them on and listen them hence the delay.

Remember Pimax, the bar you are attempting to reach are the Index headphones


Following what they have said the actual drivers for the DMAS are NOT the same as the Kdmas, it’s a completely different audio solution.

As usual patience with Pimax is a must, Id expect them to be shipped out some time in Q1 2021

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Latest “weekly update” and no mention of the DMAS production… Jup, “a couple of weeks” = “in the nearest future” aka. Any Year Now… :wink: