Anyone else get a Pimax email from Purple Liu?


Hi there,

This is Purple as an user experience manager from Pimax company. Firstly thank you very much for your order to Pimax. I’m writing to assist you with ANY issues you may encounter with your new headset at present and the goal is and always will be your satisfaction.

As you know Pimax headsets push VR limits further for resolution, refresh rate and field of view. As a result, proper setup is much more critical than other VR headsets.

Therefore, we are offering you COMPLEMENTARY remote setup of your headset at no charge. And we will walk you through quick remote setup via many methods.

To take advantage of this offer just reply us and we will work with you to quickly arrange for the setup session. If you want to experience the maximum benefit from your new Pimax headset we highly recommend you take advantage of this complementary service! The setup service is purely about setting up your headset and does not have any sales component to it.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards and stay safe,
Purple. Liu | Pimax team

Nope some surveys all u got

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Kudos to Pimax for offering to do that. It must be a new thing never heard of it before.

I received an email like this, too. Shortly after I purchased my 8KX in December.


She is working with users whom couldn’t have good experience with Pimax.
If you’re having an issue, please don’t hesitate to contact with her.

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Ah. That makes sense. The first 8KX I received was defective, and I had opened a customer support ticket about that. Pimax RMA’d it.

This seems like an excellent idea, especially for 8kx users where a little more effort gets paid back with a far better experience.