Anyone else having FPS issues in iRacing?

I just got my headset and had everything setup. Jumped in Catalunya this week and the FPS was just crazy bad. I went through everything found the quick fix through resetting through Afterburner but things got stuttery. Seeing some other issues on the iracing VR forums was wondering if anyone on here has been experiencing this issue specifically with their Pimax. Hoping it’s just an iracing issue cause I can get 90 FPS just certain things cut it in half.

Sir,have you open the Smart Smooth in the pitool?

Haven’t tried Barcelona recently but I remember performance being absolutely terrible in the Index, just on that track, especially on turn 5 and I think the straight:

I don’t think it’s Pimax-specific. I would say performance is actually amazing for me on other tracks with my 8KX. I use smart smoothing off, PP off
In iRacing I use:
SPS Off, Alignment fix 1

*using a 1080Ti so I can’t do SPS On/ PP Off.

why SPS Off??

I forgot to mention I have a 1080Ti. If you have a 20 series you can do SPS off along with PP off. With the 1080Ti it’s either PP on/SPS on or PP off SPS off. I don’t think using PP just for SPS is worth it, but I’m not sure if anyone actually tried a benchmark between the two.

I’ve confirmed that others are having this issues with Rift S headsets as well so this isn’t a Pimax issue, which I’m really happy about. I’ve been able to push back up some settings in the settings and still getting the same results and keeping my FPS in sections where the scenery isn’t causing issues. Hopefully iRacing fixes the issue.