Anyone Try the Vorpx Cyberpunk Mod?

I tried it last night on the Quest2 , I was disappointed and a little :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

Frame rates were kind of low. I had a similar experience with Vorpx GtaV mod.

I think I can fix it with tweaking. But I’m not too hopeful. I will try on my 8KX soon.

So far though in my experience, @LukeRoss mods seem to perform and control much better out of the box.

Its weird in Vorpx/Cyberpunk moving the mouse vertically twists the view and that is vomit inducing.

I commented about it and Ralf says he will add back in the ability to lock the mouse pitch.

As for the 8KX perfirmance I captured this comment made by a Pinax user.


Does raytraicing work in vr ?


I avoid Vorpx like the proverbial plague. Buyer’s remorse for sure.

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it will, but …performance .

Its funny, I would always choose stereoscopy over raytracing because I find stereo3D adds the most visual “oomph”

What most of the time the effects of RT you need to “stop playing” to appreciate it, and even then its like “who cares?” oooh I can see accurate reflections.

I mean we have 2 eyes and yet for some reason most choose to only view media in mono.

Think about it… nobody is trading stereo headphones or stereo speakers for monoaural ones … the whole world agrees that would be a step backwards.

We have 3d games that we can’t take advantage of both eyes.

The effect of seeing your games occupy 3 dimensional space blows away stupid reflections on car doors.

I would have been much more impressed with that matrix UE5 demo if it had VR than raytracing. Imagine being IN the matrix!

…sorry that rant came out of nowhere like an RKO


Its not that bad…can’t possibly be as much remorse as I had buying the VR Ears.

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Anything Vorpx looks…off, no matter it seems how much you play with the settings. One of my regret purchases a well.

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@drowhunter I tried it and thought it was ok once a couple of settings had been changed. Especially as its free. I got it running ok on quest 2 and kinda ok on 8kx.

Edit: ive played it some more, fps drops quite a bit when in complex scenes :frowning:
Still really looking forward to Lukes mod.

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Yeah, Ralf has a bunch of tips on getting to run smooth, but his implementation seems a bit off. And this is for both GTA and CP.

GTA by Luke “just works” for me and it hit me immediately how spectacular it was to “be there”

I have yet to get that feeling with Ralfs mod.

I guess you get what you pay for.

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Yeh i guess so.

I got pretty excited at 1st, i started a new game and was, with some tweaking, getting fps the same as my hmd refresh rate so it was reasonably smooth (although not totally), but this was indoor scenes in the storyline with not much going on.

Later, once outdoors in the city with many people & cars about my fps dropped too low for reasonably smooth gameplay. All this was with the Nicer resolution preset, Nice was just too pixellated to play, it looked like an early DOS based game on Nice.

I won’t play any more until Lukes mod drops. I hope it can cope with the demands of complex scenes.