Anyone Try the Vorpx Cyberpunk Mod?

I actually like the “gun-face” because I am able to get really precise shots with it. In combat with the latest adjustments to move the gun further from my view I don’t find it annoying at all.

I haven’t tried the vorpx mod yet, mainly because I didn’t want to mess up my current install. Are you running both versions on the same install or do you have different installs? It looks like you wouldn’t have as precise controls when shooting with the vorpx mod and it seems like it would be kind of tiring having to hold the guns in an exact position to activate the firing mode. Are you able to make precise shots? Is it really easy to avoid having your gun not go out of aiming mode during a fight because you moved your hands out of alignment? Seems like using the motion controls would just be a lot more tiring for long gameplay sessions. I know you can also play the vorpx mod with a gamepad but then you definitely can’t be as precise with aiming when having to use the joystick to aim.

The other big question is if the 3d feels as “natural” in the vorpx mod as it does in Luke’s mod? I have always found that in vorpx it feels like my screen view is zoomed in and the 3d environment just doesn’t feel as convincing. Maybe the stand alone mod is different though?

Still be curious to try it if I could do so without messing up my current install though.

Wow, I just made some search; Cyberpunk 2077 Free VR mod motion controller support - YouTube
That looks awesome.

Is that for any game on Vorpx (vr controllers gestures), or just Cyberpunk?

EDIT: I found answer on Vorpx forum, currently it is in Cberpunk free mod only, but it will be added in Vorpx for another games.

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Same install, I switch back and forth by renaming the “plugins\vorpx…asi” file to something else and renaming Luke ross’ back to dxgi.dll to enable it.

When not Aiming down the sights with the gun out ( shooting from the hip) you head aim just like with Luke’s mod.

If you are not using motion controls then ADS is head conrolled too.

If using motion controls its just like you are aiming with a real gun.

Not as hard as your thinking. I’ve never missed hitting the appropriate spots they are quite forgiving.

Yes, just as easy as moving a mouse cursor.

You could say the same about Half Life Alyx

I know what you’re saying. This mod has Geometry 3d which looks very natural. Unlike the Z3D mode of some Vorpx profiles. And with this mod the Head tracking is decoupled from the gun. The gun is actually in your characters hands when you look down. Its actually way more “natural” than Lukes.

The mod is free so you have nothing to lose by trying it. You will be surprised.

Luke Ross keeps all settings in the RealVR.ini file. Installing Vorpx mod has its own file. You will need to have in game settings pretty much on low for both mods so the only thing that might change for your current install would be the resolution you are running at.

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Thanks for the detailed reply! I’ll have to give it a try.

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Yeah the world seems fake in vorpx…cant figure itbiut

So strange. I wonder if its an IPD thing.

I actually like vorpX but it‘s no out of the box piece of software for sure.
I also honestly don‘t think that i could play through a whole game like gta or cyberpunk.
But it‘s awesome to see how games could be like in VR.
I’d wish for a „For Honor“ setting. Tried it myself but seems like anti-cheat seems to be a problem here and I‘m not skilled to deal with that. Requested it at the forum but no luck by now.

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