Anyone used the Pimax's Hotswap Service?

Anyone used the Pimax's Hotswap Service?

Hello community :slight_smile:

My headset cracked (but is still working) and I would like to RMA. Since it’s my only vr headset and I can’t live without one, the wonderful Vivi from customer service offered me to use hotswap service:

“We can send you a new one first just after you paid the deposit 490$ when we receive the faulty one,we will refund the whole deposit. You can click the following link to pay.”

So here’s my questions:

  1. Does anyone ever used the hotswap service offered by Pimax? Any feedback?

  2. If I DON’T use RMA, they offered me a comfort kit AND a silicone sleeve to help protect my cracked headset. Considering that I DON’T plan to sell my pimax in the short term, would you consider this a good deal?

Thank you pimaxers! :slight_smile:


I can’t speak to (1) but (2) sounds good. Do they ask you to waive any future rights to access (2)?

Just to be clear, I’m a pre-order. I missed the kickstarter by a couple of days :frowning:

If I take any of the option, my warranty will be void. But it’s been almost a year since I received my 5k+ anyways

Oh, I didn’t see that you waive the RMA. Nevermind! RMA is probably your best bet.

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Depends on the cracking. The thin plastic issue caused degradation over months (started after only 3 weeks) in my case. If yours appear to be doing this, I would RMA. The Hotswap sounds like a great idea if the deposit doesn’t bother you. With the delivery situation in and out of China right now it looks like getting a replacement will take some time (I have as simple sleeve sitting at CBS for a month now) and getting items into China has slowed even more so.

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Actually the deposit bothers me a bit. We all know the history of Pimax customer service and tickets closing, delays, etc. I’m wondering if I’ll have to fight Pimax to get my deposit back after they receive my cracked headset.

I’m also concerned about the latest 5k+ units. If the latest units still cracks, I wouldn’t even bother doing the RMA and I’ll just get the sleeve and confort kit.

When i got my RMA the US service depot was handling replacement and forgot to mark the replacement RMA Return. i got nailed for taxes.
When I filed a ticket I was offered a couple of options but settled for a reimbursement to my Paypal which happened the next day. fwiw

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Processing has been one of the priorities. So I would say it should be less hassle than it was before.

So has your RMA headset cracked yet? How much time has it been?

My current 203 model has a tiny 1mm chip in 1 corner that I caused. Hit it with a wand shortly after getting it early last Sept. It did not expand and otherwise headset is pristine after 6 months.
The original was a 202 and started to crack after 3 weeks. as time went on the plastic hole where the headstrap loops through started chipping and corner cracks grew. I could tell the replacement would be fine just because the housing parts fit properly at the seams.

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Hey Guys!

I just wanted to close this post with a final result using the hotswap service. Let’s talk about delays and payment:

  1. On day 1, I paid $490 US via paypal
  2. On day 10, I received the replacement headset.
  3. On day 11, I tested it out, confirmed the reception and Pimax support provided me the RMA sheet.
  4. On day 17, using box I have just received, I sent out my old headset via the pre-paid UPS RMA
  5. On day 24, UPS delivered to Pimax’s warehouse in my country (Canada)
  6. On day 33, Pimax support submitted a request for the refund
  7. On day 43, I received the full refund confirmation in my paypal account.

Please note that the Covid-19 delayed every steps in this process. I was really happy for Pimax support in this scenario. A lot of people report bad support, but in this case, it went very well, event considering the pandemic.

So in general, If you need your vr headset everyday and have the capacity of paying $490 US, refundable in 45 days, I would recommend this hotswap service. Pimax support Vivi Wang was VERY helpful and professional through all process. If you open a ticket and she gets assigned to you, you’re in very good hand :slight_smile: