Are the 8KX 2nd face foams going out? I was promised mine would be sent this month

I requested a thick foam on 29th Sept, 30 days ago.

I had a speedy reply saying “We have understood your needs and will send you thick ​foam in October.” the next day.

Ticket 7764.

@PimaxQuorra it was you who replied on the ticket I believe.


Same. No Fedex update on the Sales order yet.


Did you order eye-tracking, hand-tracking, and/or are you receiving a backer box? You could be receiving it in combination with another shipment.

I received my eye-tracker on Monday and the thick foam was shipped with it.

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Already received, no, no.

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Not sure if they’ve sent the foams (or hinges) out separately yet, but like Davebobman, I can also confirm that I just received my eye tracking and surprisingly, my thick foam packaged with it too.

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And I received a thin foam (what I was missing) with my Eye Tracking module… :wink:

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It occurred to me that as they’re busy shipping Backer boxes with foams etc, this has probably been de-prioritized for the logistics team

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I think they decided to just put those things in the backer box if one is destined for you anyway. They won’t update you with that info of course because Pimax.


What I’m saying is, they said October to me like the OP but of course it’s not going to happen. I’m not a backer so I’ve been quietly deprioritised without any update…unless I chase support. Who yesterday just said ‘sorry for delay’.

It’s not the end of the world because thankfully I bought a thick foam from VRMust before the X arrived. But I can only suggest how p*ssed I’d be if I couldn’t get hold of a 3rd party thick foam - I’d be waiting for months to make the X usable - and Pimax, as usual, don’t have any understanding why it’s a massive, massive problem to get a premium expensive headset that doesn’t work out of the box - and then happy to keep those customers waiting for months for a fix with no sense of urgency.

Until they get that, they’ll never get taken seriously as a major VR company.

Imagine if we swap the words ‘thick foam’ for ‘lenses’…

“Hey everyone buy our $1300 headset. We won’t tell you, but when you get it, you’ll find there are no lenses in the box. But, if you chase support, you might get those within three months of asking” :crazy_face:


me too Ticket #8557.

filed it 2 weeks ago and received a message 2 weeks ago that they would be shipping.

no word.


I had a reply on my ticket, where I also chased it :

We had made ready for it. But there is a huge quantities to send out for our customer, so it need some days to confirm consignee address and clearance documents. So please give us more days, maybe 5days, maybe a week, the foam will be delivered to you. Thanks very much.

I’m ok with that right now, will revisit in a week.


You have missing foam in Backer Box? However if you should also get 2nd foam for 8kX purchase as stated.

No, I’m not expecting a backer box as I upgraded to the 8KX.


they just replied to me after going public here. Suspicious,

Also waiting on the missing foam to be sent out, 27 days since I first sent my ticket.


1 week, no update yet, chased again on ticket :

It’s been a week. Any update for me?

Was going to get the foam with the basestations but no luck was only basestations :confused:

I just received a support email on my tilcket of a few weeks ago for extra foam and hinges informing me that my ticket is closed and how do I rate their service :rofl: even though I havent received anything…no update no tracking # nadaa. Pimax, you’re so weird.


So rate the service accordingly. As poor as nothing has come of it so far no confirmation anything has actually been done.

Much like the poorly done ET survey that said there iffy about releasing promised Prescription lens inserts for it.

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PImax yesterday:

Your ticket - Request thick foam and new hinges for my 8KX - has been closed.

We hope that the ticket was resolved to your satisfaction. If you feel that the ticket should not be closed or if the ticket has not been resolved, please reply to this email.

If you have a different issue,just open a new ticket.

Pimax Help Center Support Team

Me today:

extremely dissatisfied, I have NOT received tracking info or any indication that extra foam and hinges are being shipped to me.

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