Are there still performance issues post 253?

Had to spend some time doing flat-gaming for a bit and finally had time to rebuild VR rig.

I’m still on v. because with the addition of GPU Catalyst I was one of those users who found there was no setting that worked. I had either 1) greatly decreased performance or 2) greatly increased stutter. There was no “GPU Catalyst” setting that worked anywhere near as well as version 253 did.

Just looking for a general consensus as to whether or not this has be resolved with later revisions of PiTool? Looks like we are up to 270 or 271 or somewhere around there at this point.

So is it safe to update, or are all the newer revisions also known to be slower than 253 was (I was not by any stretch the only person with that issue at the time.)

Thanks for any feedback on this issue.

I can’t answer your performance questions, but I’ve used many versions of PiTool and they mostly seem to have about the same performance (at least to me). The current version seems stable and doesn’t seem particularly slow on my i7-8700X, 32 GB, 2080 system. However, I haven’t done any performance tests, so someone else will need to share their experience.


Well, I figured if there were still a lot of problems I would have seen a significant number of replies about it, so I made the obligatory full c-drive clone and installed the 271 beta. On tried Skyrim VR so far and it’s definitely an improvement in performance over the old 253 for me. I see the entire ‘GPU catalyst’ thing has been removed too (or, it’s moved and I can’t find it.) Still a number of other titles to try, but so far things look really good with this updated.

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