Artisan detection issue

Hello eveyone and @PimaxQuorra

This issue was present at first with the 8k and was fixed with later version of pitool/firmware but looks like the Artisan is suffering of the detection issue.
Even with the 8K I was able to make it detected by Restarting service, unplugging it, turning it off but no way with the Arti, I have to reboot my computer if it is not detected.
If I turn it on after my PC booted or after using it, if I turn it off, I have to reboot to make it detected again.

Well, IT IS detected but LED remain RED and screen black.

After a reboot everything it fine.
But this is seriously annoying.

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I found issue about my 5k+, it need to turn on the headset before open the pitool. If not, it need to restart pc.


I think I tried everything I could with the Arti and only reboot works :confused:

I can give the firmware “262” but this is at your own peril and risk. Pimax support specialists gave it to me when I made my artisan brick :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you ! Not sure if I try this ^^

Iam now working on the best way to run the 8k+ with a 1080TI :wink: