Artisan Firmware update

Hi! @PimaxQuorra @Alex.liu

I can see on Pitool there is a firmware update available for the Artisan.

Can we know about it ? What are the changes ?


Hello !

Any news about this?

@PimaxQuorra @Alex.liu


You may check out these progress note for the update.

And which version you are currently using for the Artisan?



I’m currently using firmware V2.1.255.266 for my artisan.

Along with pitool V1.0.1.266

Is the updated only related to the brightness for the artisan then ? @PimaxQuorra

As I’m quite happy with the current status, performances are good and stable, I’m don’t really know if I should get real benefit from the updates (even if I would like to use PE).


You could get it update and try the PE version. You can have more settings and performance boost.


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Hi , Agahnim90.
For me, it has been a great improvement.
I’m using the last update, It updated my firmware to
For me, the main improvement is the backlight working properly in 120 Hz mode. Before I could only pushup the backlight in 90Hz, but I always felt like there is some lag in the image at 90Hz (and much worse in 75), so I had to use 120Hz but the image seemed very dim and dark.
Now I can use 120 and the brightness and colours are really good. Not sure if that was the case for everyone or just me.
It has been a while since I originally bought my artisan almost a year ago but now finally it works as I was expecting since day one.
Be aware, if you are using a Thrustmaster wheel you could have a problem with the auto firmware update as Pimax STM Device DFU misrecognized as Guillemot STM DFU Device.
The solution is here, It took me a while to find it.

This really needs to be a sticky post…I took me a while to find, I thought my artisan was bricked.
I hope this help, and if you give it a try you don’t have any problem.


So can i update my artisan le firmware 266 through pitools 2.087 as normal
if i dont have this guillemot driver thingy installed

is it safe to update my artisan through pitools v 2.087
if i dont have the guilemot driver installed

Hi Scarlet,

Then i think so yes! In my case (i’m using T300RS simracing steering wheel) i will have to read the post shared by Jotaele

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Thank you so much Jotaele! i’m using T300RS indeed and i didn’t know at all this may cause me troubles. I’m glad i waited for some feedback…

Regarding how my Artisan is working, i never had different behavior between frequency mods, it works the same way either i’m in 120/90/72Hz. And i’ve always felt like it’s working fine. That’s why i’m not willing to update my Artisan firmware, if this is only about brightness, then nothing should change for me, or nothing that is currently annoying at least.

The only this which is causing me trouble is the following :

  • In game, with Rfactor2, if my FPS go below HMD frequency (if not capped) OR below the max framerate i set up ==> Then i see like tearing/double image when i turn my head.
    But for e.g, if i cap FPS to 80, using for e.g 90Hz mod, it’s fine as long as my FPS are at 80. But if they drop at like 75, tearing/double image appears.
    Same behavior if i don’t cap FPS and they drop down to like 87 in 90Hz mod.
    This is quite annoying.

  • Moreover, i’m also using Assetto Corsa (AC, not ACC), and i don’t have this behavior at all, i never have tearing/double image when i turn my head, even if FPS drops down from HMD frequency.

In both games i have no Vsync. And native AMD sync is deactivated also.

But maybe it’s more a game issue rather than Artisan issue, but i don’t know yet.


I have the same problem after the update, I can’t get my helmet to work.

I have tried everything, even the procedure explained above.

in the end I had to put everything on another pc to succeed in making a regression.
i find the firmware P2_RELEASE_M264_t20200508200801_r96b28a3

so the hmd works again
but on pitool , he ask me now to make the firmware update and its impossible until to have problem with the artisan


I’m glad you solved it !

Even if it should work with the tips related to Guillemot thing, this is one more reason why I don’t want to update the firmware yet, if there is no picture qualify or FPS to win there is no need to me.

I’m not even convinced with pitool update from 262 to 266.

As long as it works well I don’t touch anything…

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