Artisan front panel LED stripe color is always green


Just in case anyone is wondering, the reason that Artisan front panel light is always green and does not change color almost at all when clicking in pitool is a hardware screw-up.

Someone arranged so that at the production line the plastic piece that is guiding the LED lights to the outside front panel surface is made of green plastic instead of clear plastic. The LEDs inside headset change color but the light reaching front panel is always tinted green.

The LED color inside is visible through the face gasket mounting slots when the gasket is removed. It is easy to verify that the color does indeed change when switching pitool setting. However, the colors never reach outside the front panel plastic light guides.


If your Artisan is a blue housing it seems the rgb seems to be replaced.

The one EU shop that posted can switch housings said you loose color change option with blue housing.


Hi RedX,

Please click the link as below to browse the solution to this problem. We hope this will help you to fix it.

If the problem is not solved or any other issues occurs, please submit a ticket through the following link, where our technical support team will provide individualized solutions for you.


There is no solution. Pimax does not have rgb lights in front Chevron in Blue housings.

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