Artisan owners, please read this

Thanks to @mkmax I could update HMDGDB with Artisan data. During the process one interesting and quite important fact showed up (thanks to @mkmax again for spotting it when recording the data):

The Artisan FOV changes with the IPD!

The consequence is, when you change the IPD on the headset, it will show changing the value in SteamVR, but the geometry (FOV) does not change. You need to restart SteamVR in order to get the new (correct) FOV values associated with the new IPD.

This is the reason why there are different values for Artisan for different IPDs (60 and 70 mm).



Thank you so much for the tips!
We do appreciate your sharing sir.


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Why there is no data with normal FOV mode for the Artisan in the database ?

Good question. The answer is, because there is no Normal FOV on Artisan :wink:.

Now, you probably would want to disagree (especially, if you are an Artisan owner, or have already seen the headset), because there is a configuration option in PiTool called “Normal”. The problem is that Pimax seems to be making the FOV nomenclature as they seem fit. So while at other headsets (Pimax 5k+, 8k+, 8k-X) “Normal” means ~ 140° horizontally, on Artisan Normal means something between 118° to 132° depending on your IPD.

When (originally) categorizing Pimax headsets I decided that Normal in Pimax brand would mean FOV > 135°, regardless how Pimax will name it in PiTool. (This inconsistency is also present on other Pimaxes, where Pimax markets something as Normal at a higher refresh rate, while it actually is the same as Small at a lower refresh rate).

The other reason why I do not care is that Pimax is famous for silently changing specs, FOV names, and feature behaviors, as they like, and I am too lazy to follow their games.


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