Artisan Review with some insights!

This video may have something to try with the 1 eye blurred. Very balanced honest review.


Can’t even imagine how his loose lens shuttle could have that much play, without the threads moulded into it being so worn down that the worm has almost nothing left to grip… :7

The “freely sliding” bottom of the shuttle always does drag slightly behind the “powered” top one, though, on every unit, just like with the Vive, even with the much wider “nut”.

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Well we do know there was and maybe still is variances between pimax hmds. So maybe worthwhile for folks to tesr that have a v
Blurred eye. This is hopefully something pimax has addressed in tye 12k is the quality of the ipd slider.

The 12k it’s controlled with buttons on the headset. Hold it down and it sets automatic, short press each direction once and it moves very precisely. At the moment it doesn’t have an analog wheel.


…But surely everybody shifts the HMD sideways anyway, to find a place where they get both eyes in focus, and test each eye on its own?

(For my own part, the one eye blurry is unavoidable, because there is no place I can place even one lens in front of one eye, where I get more than just a tiny pinprick of sharpness in the center, and rapidly progressing blur outward from that – had a larger area been in near focus, the canting would not have been much of a problem. Maybe the new lenses for the 12k are more suitable - who knows… :7)

So you can’t hold a direction button down for continous motion, then? …or does the one-click-in-each-direction operation activate a manual mode, where you can hold down without triggering auto?
Maybe the servo moves too fast for continuous driving anyway?
The IPD moves a fixed discrete distance with each short press? If so: How far?
Why do I believe I need to know these things at this juncture? :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of health to Martin and anyone else affected, by the way.

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Well if the ET works in theory shouldn’t need to push buttons. It should auto adjust. Just more of a question does it adjust independently

Not if the promo render is representative - it still has the mitre gear linkage, and supposedly a single servo, but who knows. :7

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Wow what a good video!

I was skeptical but it nails the Pimax Experience pretty much perfectly.(At least for me)

It’s also funny how each person’s experience with the Pimax wildly differs as either a matter of Headset quality consistency, User Physiology, or personal bias.

For example.

He remarks on how great the Binocular Overlap is. And yet I’ve seen people complain quite the opposite.

I like how he really dug in to figure out and demystify the “Distortion Problem” , where most bozos try it once see what they “think” is distortion at write it off as a loss.

EDIT: Can someone disable this annoying snow on the forums? X-Mas is over.