aSeeVR Download Failed

Pitool 272 aSeeVR Download Failed. Where can I download the driver

In one of the.pitool log files I believe has the download website link.

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which log? This unfortunately didn’t help me much.

Does the company have a website like leapmotion does where I can just download the latest verison?

Not sure now. I think it might have been @mmorselli that mentioned it before.

Found a post see here.

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Any news on the Pimax eye tracking front?

OpenXR has support for it now

Wasn’t part of that backer money supposed to go into OpenXR support?

Is Pimax one of the companies onboard with OpenXR yet?

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I haven’t heard anything new on ET front save @SweViver was supposed to be working on something regarding it. Maybe @pimaxQuorra can poke him for an update.

On OpenXR haven’t heard anything on the pimax front. Though maybe the up coming Pimax Frontier might have something on it?

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