Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery

Hi futurists, as mentioned before, we finished the packaging of dozens of finished products before the holiday and transported them to our logistics partner. Today is the first working day after the holiday. The logistics partner starts work and sends us the tracking numbers of the first batch of 14 machines to be shipped overseas. We have sent each tracking number to the email addresses of the top 14 backers. 8 of them are EU, including the United Kingdom, 3 for the US and 1 for Peru. The other two have been brought to Australia by our friends. It is expected to be sent from Sydney to 2 backers in 2-3 days.

Current logistics solutions

  1. The European Union includes the United Kingdom: The solution that our logistics partner has provided is that we send the items to the UK warehouse in batches, and then send them from the British warehouse to the receiving address of the European Union and British backers.
  2. Other areas: The Chinese Pimax warehouse is being used to deliver the items directly to the receiving address through international express. Pimax(Shanghai)->backers

Most of our transport solutions that our logistics partner has provided may not generate customs duties. If you happen to be the 1%, please contact us and we are willing to help you.

In addition, the KS related logistics problems can be replied in this post, we will try our best to solve the puzzles for you.


@Pimax-Support Thanks for the update! What is the ETA to arrive at the UK warehouse?


Thank you for the update but I’m just a little confused.

I thought the first 100 units were shipped ?
This says only 14 were shipped?


Lol, couldn’t help but comment on the irony of your User name and this post! LoL


@Pimax-Support can you please give some info on your current production rates? You have stated that you hope to have 90% of backers supplied before the end of the year. If that is to happen you need to be building hundreds of units per week. 14 in two weeks, or 1 per day is not even close.


Yes, please @Pimax-Support @PimaxVR @anon23564932 can you provide us numbers? Thanks in advance!


They actually stated they aim to have 100% of backers supplied before xmas! and are 90% sure they can meet that…


Are Pimax sure? For how long? Brexit is still ticking.


Great. But when they said that? Is it possible that anything change about this statement? Because… I don’t know, but all of this is taking slow.

Robin (Pimax CEO) said that during the interview with Sebastian (MRTV) in Berlin


thats awesome of you. thanks for all your hard work


Only 14…? Jheeeeeeeeeeez what the hell man why is it so low…? Do they make them handmade? And if yes then will they make them in factories in huge batches I wonder when

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It may take 10 natural days. Since this is the first time for us to cooperate with this logistics company, we will do further communication in the future, hoping to speed up the follow-up. Please be advised.


How much headsets do you expect to be manufactured by the end of the week?


So the first batch went from 230 to 100 to 40 to 14?


Hopefully all backers get their HMD before Brexit is complete, lol.


Thanks @Pimax-Support .
And this oktober month a few hundred more will be sent, right?

Backer #13, got my tracking number. Just in case you were wondering if you were lying about shipping some of them out.

I’ll let you all know when I get it, and if anyone is in the Utah area and wants to check it out, PM me and I’ll try to set something up.


Hmm… I’ll just go ahead and set my expectations around the height of my toe nails.
I’m backer 3209 and if they manage to get the hmd to my door before April I’ll actually be surprised.
Extremely skeptical about all this. June would not surprise me the least.
Well, the Quest will be fun to play around with (no pun intended) in the meantime.