Audica: A rhythm game seemingly made with Pimax in mind

Audica by Harmonix really seems like the perfect Pimax game. The game itself is a light-gun game, shooting targets in time with the music; the targets can spawn anywhere in your sight but usually ones you shoot with your right hand appear towards the right, left hand towards the left. Sometimes a ball will come at you that you need to physically strike with your gun, and on later levels you have to do things like hold your gun sideways gangster-style for some targets.

Unlike Beat Saber it’s in an actual expansive 360 degree environment, not a void with a conveyor belt and some lights. It has massive particle effects that fill your entire field of view even on Large. It doesn’t need Reprojection for any effects, and you even have a gameplay advantage because the large FOV makes it easier to see targets when they first appear from the sides. And if you have Index controllers, they feel like you are gripping guns (and you can do things like toss the guns in the air and catch them by releasing your grip and then re-grabbing them).

Highly recommended to anyone with a Pimax headset.


Thanks, I’ll add it to my list.