August 28th 2020 8KX Production and Logistics Advisory

August 28th 2020 8KX Production and Logistics Advisory

Dear Pimax customers:

We would like to extend a special thanks to all our Pimax supporters for your continued trust and understanding. Our greatest goal is to continue to push the boundaries of the VR experience and we could not have come so far without all of you! We are deeply grateful!

At present, we do have sufficient production for the existing 8KX orders.Our primary focus for the 8KX production has been to ensure maximum product quality and try to achieve 100% product satisfaction, Pimax has taken the following measures:

1. After the production of all products is finished , the quality inspection and performance evaluation must be strictly carried out following the standardized process;

2. Before sending to the customer, we will ship all products from the factory to Shanghai headquarter for a re-inspection, and after the fully-checked , they will be shipped out to our beloved customers.


We are very aware and completely understand that you are anxiously waiting. We would like to once again express our thanks and apologies to any of you who are still waiting.

We are now excited to announce that the processes and procedures through improvements and repetition have become greatly improved and far more efficient. We are now achieving both volumes and standards that fully meet our expectations.

Our logistics service is now exceeding 50 - 70 8KX fully packed units shipped per day and is continuing to increase. Keep in mind this is in addition to the hundreds of other packages we ship each day which include headsets, accessories, RMA’s and more.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service, we will provide you with considerate service at any time, thank you!