Awesome works from Codemasters! F1® 22 | Quick Look

Feel the adrenaline rush like never before, as F1® 22 brings VR to PC for the first time.
The physics and handling from Codie are astonishing!

F1® 22 will release July 1st, 2022 on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via the EA App, Origin, Steam, and Epic Store but you can start racing three days earlier from June 28th, 2022 if you pre-order the F1® 22 Champions Edition.

Are you ready to drive in cockpit and feel the F1 adrenaline rush with Lance?


Looks really good ! I haven’t bothered with a Codies F1 game since 2013 but now I want this one to play on my new 8KX :smile_cat:

Codemaster claims that only the Index, HTC HMDs and Quest 2 will be supported.

Any thoughts on this?

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Oh no, really !? I just bought a pre-release CD key.

Surely if it runs on the SteamVR platform it will work on Pimax ?

Not many games officially (specifically) support Pimax do they?

Doesn’t mean it won’t work/run (hopefully with PP off!)… :pray::slightly_smiling_face:


They explicitly worded their support to say that ‘only’ those HMDs would be supported.

Really interested to see if that is the case or if Index/HTC is the catch-all for OpenVR support.

In their deep dive video about VR they actually said that they only tested with those headsets, and that’s why they said those are the only supported ones. It’s not like they tried a Pimax and said, no we don’t want to support that.


Well f they’re writing code to support a Vive’s hardware we’ll see what Pimax means by Vive mode in PTool :grinning:
Don’t see it not running but do wonder about PP. Dirt Rally 2 offers hope on that front, not needing PP


Well, super easy to find out I guess as early launch has started as of today.

I’m on vacation and hope someone here gives it a shot.

Not really a launch. A chance to play it for 10 hours only, as i read it. I would have bitten for a free timed demo but a pre-order is required and i doubt I will buy this, having more than sufficient F1 material for my meager needs.