Awful customer experience

Hello All,

After waiting for over 6 month for the fast option (Plan F) of getting controllers, I need to share the experience I have had so far.

This is a summary of the support tickets (old system #24,263) (new system #1357) I have open regarding an order made back in Nov 2019, this is the backer can trade for the Index controllers and base station Plan F.

Feb 25th Ticket opened regarding shipping status update but tracking number not valid with courier.
Feb 27th More info requested and given on order number etc.
Feb 27th I an informed shipping not happened due to no UK adaptor, asked if I prefer EU adaptor or wait.
Fed 27th I inform my preference is wait for UK adaptor
Fed 28th Informed my order will be “send to around next week”
Apr 29th I request updated on order
Apr 30th Informed my order will be sent next week
May 12th I request update on order
May 12th I am informed order will be shipped by May 15th
May 16th I request update on order
May 18th I am informed they need to check status
May 20th I request update on order
May 22nd I an informed shipping not happened due to no UK adaptor, asked if I prefer EU adaptor or wait.


May 22nd I request shipment ASAP with EU adaptor
May 28th I am informed they are out of stock
Jun 7th I request updated on order

I anyone wants to see the full dialog I am happy to share.


According to both @PimaxQuorra and @PimaxUSA there seems to be an issue with internal communication as they have said the LH supply is good.

Maybe they can look into this and get it resolved. It is definitely unreal you have been going in circles on getting this resolved.


Hello Davidm,

First of all, we are sorry for that, please check your inbox.
We need some details from you sir.



Quorra will respond to this in a minute but yeah we are resolving the issue with the power adapters. (heh same time)


I’m sure an humorist could make a show out of this… it’s mad…


Jun 10th Received Fedex tracking ID, checked and it is visible on Fedex
Jun 10th Update from Fedex:

Tracking results as of Jun 10, 2020 8:30a GMT
Date/Time Activity/Location

6/09/2020 11:14 pm Shipment cancelled by sender
6/09/2020 10:32 pm Shipment information sent to FedEx

Disappointing to say the least.

EDIT: I don’t know why the date shows as 9th, when I check this at around 10am UTC+1 it all looked good.

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Good News, Accessories turned up today.
The tracking number is different to the one I was emailed and reported cancelled, so I can only assume that Pimax shipped this twice and cancelled one, unfortunately I had the number that was cancelled.

I have seen this said many times before and again, Pimax you really need to understand the customer experience and improve on this.

In the late 90’s I worked for a PC manufacturer who went from number 5 to number 1 in a few short years, they had a huge drive on customer experience at the time, to the extent that they tied all order data to customer experience data in their data warehouse, the CEO was driving staff to ensure consumer experience was positive.

OK enough of making the point, I hope you get it.


Good products and good customer service/support are what brings customers back. Lose too many customers and your business will surely suffer.

I work on an RF and communications engineering platform (software). Our main company goal is to help our customers succeed with their projects. That brings them back for more “seats” of our software and drives upgrades too.

It’s a good policy and it has helped us avoid the worst of the current economic downturn. (Companies feel that they need us, so that they can succeed in this tough market.)

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