Backer #5183 Germany, got my 5k+ Today. Question


just got Home from Work and got greeted with a shiny Pimax Box, got the 5k+ finally :smiley:
I did receive Tracking last week Thursday, so i had no worries about receiving the Pimax before the Tracking lol.

I did check the Reddit Pimax Wiki and looked at the Recommended Installation Guide and i was wondering 2 Things:

1: Since the Guide is almost a Month old, they recommended the Pitools .91 version. I was wondering which the go to Version is at the Moment

2: My NVvidia Driver is pretty old at this point (399.07), but i go with the Motto ‘‘If it ain’t Broke, don’t fix it’’ when it comes to Games (after Monster Hunter World came out, the newest Nvidia Driver actually decreased the Performance than help it. so i stuck with this Driver since there were no Issues so far). I take it i should 100% Update the Driver, or has someone tried using the Pimax with an Older GPU Driver?.

That is pretty much it so far.

The other Question would revolve around EU Shipping in the Future if push comes to shove (regarding UK) (since i might look into getting the Base Stations + Controller which would free up the Vive fully)

Oh, has there been any Information on how we receive the Coupons? (both the Wireless Coupon and the Coupon for switching from the 8k to the 5k+)

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Not a direct answer to any of your questions but if you have any issues you can check for solutions here:

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